Our Mission

Making telepathic communication with animals


all other life forms as natural as breathing.

All life forms – animals, trees, rocks, plants, angels, guides, ascended masters, and other in the higher realms – communicate telepathically.

Telepathy is an energetic exchange of consciousness – ideas, images, thoughts, and feelings – for the purpose of communication.

All humans are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with humans and animals.  This skill is often lost early in childhood.

Animal Communicators or Animal Intuitives are sometimes called "pet psychics."  Most professions do not use this label or the word "pet" at all.

The term "pet" denotes ownership of another conscious being whom we consider to be equal to humans and therefore cannot be owned, despite current laws to the contrary.

Professionals usually prefer to be called Animal Intuitives or Animal Communicators.

We often refer to the animals who live with humans as "animal friend, "animal companion," or "animal family member."

Through teleclasses, workshops, and other programs, professionals around the world seek to help others remember how to re-establish and strengthen their own psychic abilities, as well as to learn how to help their own animals in more holistic ways.

Animal Communicator professionals from around the world are invited to participate at this website through the Monthly Speaker Program.  Topics are varied, from discussions on how to strength and develop your own telepathic skills, to messages from animals, to alternative healing systems and how they can be used with telepathic communication.

One professional each month gives a teleclass for the benefit of the general public.

  • FREE teleclasses with the experts.
  • FREE Membership to the general public.
  • Teleclasses spotlight the special talents and interests of the professionals.
  • Audios of earlier programs are available to members from the RECORDINGS menu.
  • Find professionals through the DIRECTORY and the advertising on the website.

Member Benefits

  • Expand your way of thinking about animals and other sentient, sapient life on Planet Earth.
  • Explore new ideas about animals, alternative healing systems for animals, and human consciousness.
  • Participate on the live teleclasses with professional Animal Communicators.
  • Listen to recordings of previous teleclasses over and over again.
  • Learn from top professionals about animal's perspectives on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Submit questions to The Owl’s Corner blog, where professionals will respond.
  • Blog with the experts for 2 days after their individual program has been given.

Professional Benefits:

  • Reach a wider audience of people interested in Animal Communication.
  • Share your talents and gifts with others.
  • Receive a copy of the MP3 recording of your talk.
  • Promote your services and your website with additional links.

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