The Owl’s Corner #2, Sept. 2011 – The Hunt

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Hunting is still a way of life for many humans. Is there a way to hunt for our food and still honor the animals?

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Emily asks:

I'm interested in hunting this year and I want to get a turkey and a deer. I have the book Animal Voices and I looked at it a bunch, but I guess my question is this:

If I ask the animal if I can use his/her body,
how will I know what the answer is?

I'm also looking into a sort of Native American way of honoring their spirit and body before and after the hunt.

I guess, to answer my own question, would be for me to just honor the animal and trust my intuition.

I've never hunted before but I would like to experience it.

I'm wondering if you had any thoughts or ideas about the process of respecting/honoring the animal.