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Is it OK for me to ask an animal to return
who just recently went into spirit?


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Sheila asks:

I recently lost my very very beloved Zachary, my 15-year old canine companion. I miss him deeply. I am trying to find a balance between dealing with my grief and being happy for him that he has crossed over and is in total love, happiness and pain-free. Without his physical presence in my life, I feel very empty. I know that this is a time of my personal learning, but am also deeply wanting him to come back to me if and when he is ready.

My question is:

Is it "okay" for me to ask my Zachy to come back to me? Can I ask him this question while being respectful of his life in spirit and without pulling him to make a decision that he may not want to make?

I don't want to be selfish and I don't want to make him feel like I can't go on without him. I just miss my furry soulmate.

Owl’s Corner April Question – Reincarnation

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When an Animal Is Returning, What Do the Clues Really Mean?


Please respond to these questions ONLY if you are professional Animal Communicator.  
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I've been a member of your animal communicator forum since it started and am especially interested in animal reincarnation topics. I think it is a subject that most people are unaware that it is a possibility and although I've been studying it myself, it might be an idea to have another communicator talk on this subject again.

I was wondering if you could possibly answer a couple of questions for me because you say that you are able to communicate with pet spirits and find out when they are returning or if they are returning back to their people.

From what I gather, if they decide to return there are "clues" that are given as to where and when and what they might look like when they do.

  1. I was wondering, once these clues are given are they "written in stone" or can they change?
  2. What happens when four out of the five clues come to pass in one day but there is a stumbling block with the fifth clue?
  3. Recognizing the reincarnated pet [is a problem] because the person is presented with three identical kittens, all the same sex, and try as they might to have some kind of recognition - the reincarnated pet could be one of them -  all three act exactly the same and the person is prevented from placing the kittens on the floor to see if one runs up to the person because of "germs".   It becomes a matter of getting all three or none.  What is this indicating?

I think this must happen to other people and what is the message?  That if it's not five out of five clues for whatever reason, four out of five clues means it's not the per reincarnated because of the obstacles.? 

And what happens when there's a time-frame? It's to happen in such a such a month? It's two days to the end of the month and a person is faced with three identical kittens with the same colouring, etc., and everything else matches up except it was impossible to pick. What does one do?

As I said, this must happen to other people. I've tried to read up on what this is supposed to mean but I can't find any information as to what exactly this is indicating. If a person does not pick one of the kittens during the time-frame, then it would no longer be the month in which the pet said they would come back so it would drop to three out of five clues if they delayed- it would no longer be the month and there would be the obstacle in trying to determine if it is actually the pet.

Not only that there are no pictures of these kittens, they are at an animal shelter who says they will take pictures in a couple of days, I can't take pictures, and even if pictures were presented to an AC, the kittens are so identical there would be no way of determining which of the three the AC was actually indicating was the reincarnated pet?

Even the staff had difficulty and picked up the same kitten twice and then didn't know if they picked it up the third time and neither did I. It’s not supposed to be this difficult is it? As I said, this must happen to other people. What does it mean when it does?

It would be great if there was a forum where questions like this could be answered with people who are trying to have their pets reincarnate back to them and run into similar situations.


Animals and the Final Journey

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Blogging with Paloma Baerschi-Herrera



Dying is not a calamity to animals as it often is for humans. It is the leaving of a body which was used to have certain experiences over a period of time. Without a body you can't have experiences and it is the aim of every creature to have these.

Depending on what experiences you want to have, you reincarnate into one body or another.

To the animal the leaving of a body is not connected with the end of life, it is just a change in the form of being.

Dying is not a taboo subject to animals and they do address it. They also exchange experiences with deceased animals to have a better and easier death.

I have been allowed to witness it a few times. How animals, which are no longer in the body, helped those which were close to death or preparing for it.

My animal companion Spot, now in spirit, says that dying is a skill which needs to be learned. Most people but also quite some animals (specially those who live with humans) do not know how to die.

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