Seeing Purrley.

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Seeing Is Believing ...

or Is It?

When Purrley first came.Purrley when he first came.

Last fall, I blogged that Purrley was gone, as in gone from the Earth plane.  I couldn't reach him or find him telepathically after he didn't show up for food for 5 days running.  Did I jump to a conclusion?

Over 20 years of experience as a professional Animal Communicator doesn't mean that I can't be mistaken, right?

Nevertheless, I was startled by what happened a month or so later.

I had kept some of the canned cat food I had put out for Purrley in the freezer atop my refrigerator, and I needed the space back.  Since it was still edible, I didn't want to throw it out, and my cats eat a raw food diet.

So I decided to put the food outside just beyond where the back yard lawn ends and the woods begin.  I figured some feral animal would get a free meal.

Soon after returning to the house, I saw a cat who looked like Purrley eating the food.  I was, of course, completely astonished.  I tried to speak with the cat, but got no response whatsoever.

There was a lot going on in my life at the time, and I didn't experiment with trying to reach the cat.  I have many different ways of making a connection with an animal, including resources from the higher realms, but I didn't have the energy to focus on the situation.

The next day the cat was back again, checking out the feeding stations, which were empty.  The cat looked straight at me in the window for a brief moment and then turned away.  Was this Purrley?  It looked like him, but I wasn't sure.

  • Purrley might have exited the body and another spirit took it over.  This is called a "walk-in."
  • Purrley might still be in the body, but he might have an entity controlling him and not allowing him to communicate with humans.
  • This might be another cat who looks very much like Purrley, but isn't and never was Purrley.
  • This might be Purrley and he just doesn't want to connect with a human being.

I telepathically broadcasted that if the cat, whoever it was, wanted to come on a regular basis, I'd provide food. There was no response.

The next day, I put some food out, but no cat showed up.

Earlier in the fall, right after Hattie left, I did set out food for Purrley on a regular basis, only to have him show up irregularly.  I did this until he went 5 days in succession without showing up to eat.  After that, I quit.

I'm not willing to throw food away or feed wild animals, such as racoons and others who are harmed by coming to rely on human handouts.  Plus my life had become very complicated after the end of September.  I would feed a feral cat, but not if it required any more effort than putting out food and water once a day and knowing it would be eaten by the being for whom it was intended.

This may sound heartless, but I had very limited energy at the time to devote to this.  I offered the cat a choice, and he chose not to take it.

So what really happened to Purrley?  I just don't know.  I hold the intention and prayer that he is where he's supposed to be and that all is well with him.  That's all I can do at this time.  At least it was a mild winter.

Purrley Is Coming for Breakfast Again.

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He's calmer and more relaxed.

Purrley washing up after breakfast.Purrley washing up after breakfast.

Purrley showed up yesterday morning for the first time in almost a week.  When I looked out in the early dawn,  he was sitting in his favorite spot under the oak tree near the back of my house.

Then this morning, I didn't think he was tehre.  No cat sitting under the oak tree.


I opened the door to the porch, and there he was on the back stoop with Hattie.   Starlight and Sakhara ran to sit inside the screen door to be part of the kitty conclave!

I'm so glad he's coming to eat.  He still hasn't made any commitments, and that's fine with me.  Today he ate less ravenously, then stretched and bathed a bit before going on his way.

It's so hard for me not to get attached to him, but I am doing well in this regard.  I find life is much better when we just allow others to do their thing.  We can love them with an open hand and an open heart.  That's best for us and for them, as it respects their individuality and their choices while allowing us to remain internally peaceful.

I've been putting his feeding dish in front of the new feeding station so that he gets used to eating there.  In a few days, I'll put his dish into the station and hope he will find it there.

Meanwhile, all is well with my feline family for the moment.  Horray!!

I want to play with him [Purrley].

Someone asked me recently why I'm not writing about Starlight, the three-year old Siamese kitten.

Truthfully, she's just so happy and healthy and filled with love and joy.  What more is there to say?

Well, here's what she thinks of Purrley:


He smells yummy (after rubbing her face where he sprayed and left his scent).  I want to play with him.

And there you have it!  The joyful approach to life.  Everything's a toy and everyone's a potential playmate!