Talking with Animals in Spirit

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Blogging with Kristin Thompson


My life has been so enriched through my many connections with animals in spirit. I have healed in incredible ways, and have witnessed the most profound love shared between animals and their people.

I would love for you to contribute here about your experiences while communicating with animals in spirit.

Please share some of your experiences and ask questions.


10 Tools for Living in Communication with Animals

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Blogging with Kristin Thompson


I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you all in my class "10 Tools for Living in Communication with Animals". It was fun and inspiring, as it always is when we connect with each other along this journey with animals.

I open heartedly welcome your questions, ideas and feedback related to the animal loving topics we covered yesterday, and as that you submit your entries here in this blog.

While we discussed many ways that you can lay your own ground work to open your Animal-Intuitive-Self, I felt the 3 that are so powerful right from the start are...

1. Get Grounded Into Yourself
2. Write It Down - And Trust It!
3. Go to School
And here is why.....

1. Getting grounded into ourselves before getting connected into an animal is imperative. We must be within ourselves in order to understand another. Very often this is a misconception and it is perceived that we must leave our body to find another's viewpoint. This is not the case. Your communication skills, the messages you receive, the messages you convey, and the clarity with which you understand an animal's meaning is very much influenced by taking good care to stay grounded in your own body. This means eat right, drink lots of water, get good sleep, move your body the way it is supposed to move (dance, run, play, get physical!)

2. Lighten Up! Really doing so frees up our heart and playful spirit to be open to new ideas and impressions to flow into our awareness, rather than our own droning thoughts. We "hear" and understand the animals with our hearts, not our heads, and the best tonic for our telepathic heart muscle is to Lighten Up!

3. Getting an education, training, guidance in developing our telepathic animal communication skills is a fantastic catalyst and support for our growth and expansion along this journey. The animals just love it when we come together with others of like mind and heart, who are also wishing to "live in communication with animals". During classes and teleclasses the animals in our circles join in and lead the way! They are excited for us to learn their language, and they show us in loving,, affirming and supportive ways.

So, over the next 2 days, I look forward to hearing your stories and awareness about how you can apply these ‘10 Steps' to your own animal communication process. Andplease share how great it feels to do so and how joyful you and your animal friends are during the process!

Thanks Everyone.

p.s.  Here is the link for the free gift I offered during the class.  Thanks for listening.