Tracking Lost Animals

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Blogging with Jacquelin Smith

Due to technical limitations, Jacquelin requests that you submit questions about her program to her directly at  Jacquelin will write an answer and send both your question and her response to me to post as a comment to this blog entry.

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Have you had a missing animal experience?

Were you able to find your animal on your own, or did you find your animal with the help of an Animal Communicator professional?

If you would like to share you experiences, please comment here.

Star Origins of Animals . . .

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Talks with Animal Souls

blogging with Jacquelin Smith

Due to technical problems, please send questions and comments to  Jacquelin will send a copy of your email to me with her response and  I will post them in response to this blog entry.

Both of my feline friends, Violet and Sakhara, have told me that they are from other star systems.  They gave me this information years before I knew about Jacquelin's book, and I always accepted the information as true because, intuitively, it "felt right" to me.

Violet tells me she is from a planet in the Pleiades Star Cluster where the dominate life form is felinoid, resembling in many ways the appearance of the characters in the Broadway musical "Cats."

Sakhara tells me she is Arcturian and has also lived in the Sirius star cluster.

I suspect many of you have animals in your family who come from other places.

Please share what you know or suspect about animals from other places in the Cosmos and ask your questions by emailing Jacquelin Smith at  Your message and her responses will be posted here over the next 48 hours.

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