The Healing Power of Gemstones

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by Phil Ragno

Gemstone collars can be fashioned for an animal companion's specific needs.

When worn by an animal, it can help them deal with their day to day challenges and issues.

Animals are extremely sensitive to the subtle vibrations in the collars and they love to be adorned in jewelry.  The right gemstone collar can help them physically as an aid to digestion or to alleviate trauma.  Gemstones can bring peace to a troubled pet that may be disruptive or un social or insure a feeling of love and self worth to one that may have been abandoned.

It can even bring cheerfulness to that moody animal friend that doesn’t know how to fit in.

The magnetic clasp on the Gemstone Collar makes it easy for the pet to remove the collar if the energy becomes overwhelming or uncomfortable. Animals will intuitively know when to wear it and when to take it off.

Sometime the collar may seemingly vanish to another dimension. This is the nature of Gemstones. It will return at the right time for continued use.

An animal companion may psychically outgrow their collar in time, and you may want to replace it and help them focus on a different issue.

Please share your thoughts and experiences from the teleclass, and ask any additional questions you may have.

Thank you,

Phil Ragno

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Through the Eyes of Love

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Blogging with Carol Schultz


As we further explore and learn with the animals, they have many thoughts and words of wisdom to share. We can look to them for guidance and inspiration.

The animals have asked us to share here in this forum:

What is it about animals that inspires you?
What is it about animals that helps to heal you?
How can animals support further exploration and adventure in your life?

As I reflect upon these questions myself, I know that animals help to bring me a sense of calmness, peace, inner knowing and trust, plus gratitude. Their ability to live in the moment and enjoy life is a continual reminder when things seem to become a challenge, and positive energy and momentum is needed to move past what may be my own blocks and hesitancies.

Blinky, one of my two feline companions, is brave and solid. I find her to be a source of strength and groundedness in looking forward to tomorrow. She encourages me to enjoy the things in life that I have not yet experienced, and to "get it done". Augie, my male feline companion, is soft and gentle in his approach and style. Yet he is clear about his boundaries, and what it is he will, and will not do. He knows how to live life on his own terms, and enjoy every minute. The balance that the two of them provide for me and my family is precious and priceless. Their unconditional love is an example for me every day in patience, understanding, and compassion.

Thank you for your own words of sharing, reflection, and inspiration on this path of connecting with and honoring the insights from the animals.


p.s.  Here is the link for the free gift that I am offering to folks who listened to my teleclass.  Thanks for listening.