Animal Journey’s: End of Life and Beyond

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Blogging with Georgina Cyr

The animals that I have worked with want us to know that they are trying to help us to learn about death. They do not think of it as the end of life. It is the Spirit in transition.

They are trying to help us to lose the fear surrounding death. They are gently assisting us to be more open and aware and asking us to allow ourselves to peek into that realm with trust and love.

Our love for them opens our hearts and they gently take us to places where we may have been afraid to go previously. When they need to leave their bodies permanently, they try to prepare us; they hold us in Love and say “Look… I am not afraid… I know that this is just change, a new place.”

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Georgina Cyr

You are invited to read more of the animals messages about their Journey Through End of Life and beyond.

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The Owl’s Corner, May 2011 – A Tragic Death

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Do animals forgive us when their death is caused by a mistake?
And how can we forgive ourselves?

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Petra V. asks:

"Something really horrible happened....I accidentally "killed" our ferret Merlin, he was in the dryer sleeping, I always checked, as I knew they sleep in there, this time I didn't. I am so depressed.  I keep going in my mind through his dying.  I can not even put in words how I feel, as it changes from guilt to self hate to depression. I asked him for forgiveness, what happened because of my stupidity....I save animals; I don't kill them, as life is too valuable (I already feel bad for eating meat).

"My you think, it is possible to receive forgiveness from the animal?  Does his pet soul after death realize that it was a horrible accident?

"I always think, this animal trusted me, because he knew I would never hurt him and I am going through his fears in that dryer and his hope for somebody to come to rescue him and I was not there....I am really having a very horrid time re-living that...."

I Am You

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Blogging With Betty Lewis


Animals are realistic about life and death and their stories are surprising and compelling. 

Please feel free to share your experiences and ask questions on this topic.

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Betty Lewis




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