The Owl’s Corner, December 2010 – Different Species

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Are there differences in speaking telepathically with different species?

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Anonymous asks:

"It seems that most stories about animal communication relate conversations with cats, dogs, or horses. I’ve also heard that cats are more difficult to communicate with than horses and dogs. Is that true? Is it easier to communicate with mammals than with other species? Is communication with birds, fish and insects quite different?  What about microorganisms? How easy/difficult is it to communicate with those life forms?  Should different techniques be used with different species?”

Feeding Animals – Body and Soul

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Blogging with Kate Solisti


Dog & cat nutrition starts with understanding how our companion animals are built to eat and how to feed them what Nature intended them to eat. Cats must eat meat and get their moisture from their food.  (Dry food is the opposite of what they are designed to eat!!!)  Dogs can eat a variety of meats, carbs from veggies and a little grass or grain depending on the dog! Breed-specific nutrition makes common sense as well.

I welcome questions from participants about breed-specific nutrients, transitioning from one food to another, raw vs. canned or cooked, etc. For personal questions about your own animal's diet and meal planning, please visit my website , click on "Animal Sessions", then on "phone sessions" for details on setting up a private consult.

I'm also offering for FREE a dog or cat nutrition video. If you'd like a copy of the video and are willing to pay for postage & handling, email me at Details about what's on each video are on my website.

Looking forward to chatting.