Stories from the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals

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with Carla Meeske

At the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals you can have spiritual healing done for your animal by a Qualified Shamanic Healer.

The Healers are SpiritHealer School students who are gaining practical experience in a supported clinic setting. They connect with your animal and perform strong, loving shamanic healing.

Get the help you need for your animal and discover how powerful Shamanism is while helping our students develop their craft. Come join us!

  • Request any kind of shamanic healing for your animal.
  • Some animals will have one-on-one healing.
  • Some will be in the group Healing Ceremony led by Carla. All will be helped.
  • Everyone can witness shamanic healing in action.

The clinic meets once a month using a telephone conference line and our computers (computer is optional). We begin in a full circle, and then split into groups: healers paired with clients for one-on-one sessions, and a larger circle for group healing. When the pairs are finished they return to the main circle and share what happened so we can all learn. Then we conclude with a power send off!

Everyone is welcome. If you are new to shamanism this is great way to listen and learn. There is a $20 participation fee for everyone except our qualified healers. You will learn so much about shamanism, and you will be part of the collective power of the healing circle.

SPECIAL GIFT:  Mention the ACF teleclass and receive a special gift of 50% off your fee for the Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic - good for one time only - a $10 value.

Please add your comments and questions here.  Thank you.

Carla Meeske

Enhancing Animal Communication With Shamanism

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Blogging with Carla Meeske


I find that when I ask my Spirit Allies to contribute to the communication that I get stronger information than if I just "tune in" myself.

Are you finding that is true for you too, now that you are familiar with the Shamanic Journey and your Allies?

Please share some of your experiencies or ask questions.


Working Shamanically With Our Animal’s Spirit Tribes

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Blogging with Carla Meeske


Spirit tribes are soul collectives that hold memory, myth and identity of their members. Look into the eyes of an ancient breed, like an Icelandic Horse, and you will see the soul of the tribe. Ride an Icelandic at full speed and feel Slepnir's eight legs flying through the air. They feel like they are really your legs, just like it did for Odin riding Slepnir.

One of the shamanic healing techniques I use is reinforcing an animals connection to their spirit tribe. The tribe's healing power can renew the animal physically and emotionally. The tribe's stories explain the animals instincts and needs. When the animal crosses he is reabsorbed into the tribe, and when he is born, the tribe gives birth to him.

Shamanism is all about exploration, and every journey is new. When I journey to animal spirit tribes I learn amazing things about the nature of social connection and our integrated connection with the animals we love. It seems that some spirit tribes are of mixed species, and that explains a lot! What is your experience?