Nedda Wittels 5/16/12


Learning to Listen Telepathically

with Nedda Wittels

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Nedda Wittels and her teacher, Echo

Students of Animal Communication are usually eager to hear what animals want to communicate.   They take many courses with professional Animal Communicators, learn many techniques to receive information telepathically, and practice as much as they can to improve their telepathic skills.

Listening, however, is a subject that goes beyond telepathic communication with animals.  Listening is something humans do every day when they speak with each other.  Or do they?  Just how well do humans listen when other humans speak?  Perhaps by exploring communication between and among humans we can gain some insights that will improve our listening to animals?

What do we hear when we listen?  Do we hear only the words or the deeper meaning behind the words?  How do our personal agendas prevent us from hearing what the other person or the animal is trying to communicate?  What can we do to move past our limiting beliefs, our existing world view, to open ourselves to truly hear messages that don't fit comfortably into our mental constructs?

Nedda has been a teacher all her life, and in 18 years as a professional Animal Communicator, she knows that she still can improve her ability to listen:  to her human clients and students; to her animal clients and companions; to family members, friends, and colleagues.

If you are willing to consider that you can improve your overall listening ability - your ability to hear the real messages that others are trying to communicate - then please join Nedda in this teleclass where you will

  1. DISCOVER 5 major obstacles that limit human receptivity to listening.
  2. EXPLORE why listening is both an art and a skill.
  3. LEARN an 8-step method for improving your ability to listen and communicate with animals, and perhaps with humans, too.


Meet Nedda Wittels

Animal Communicator, Healing Facilitator,

Shamballa Master, Light Worker

Simsbury, CT, USA



  • Distance Animal Communication by telephone or Skype for all situations, including lost animals;
  • Distance Intuitive Shamballa Healing sessions for animals and humans;
  • Spiritual Coaching - Spiritual Empowerment sessions for humans;
  • Akashic Record Consultations for humans.
  • Mentoring for Professional Animal Communicators and those who want to become professionals.

As a Professional Animal Communicator and Spiritual Coach, Nedda quickly sees through mental and emotional confusion, pain, and fog to find the nexus - the heart of a situation. Her sessions focus on 3 key processes: Exploration, Inspiration, and Transformation.

While providing compassionate support for her clients and their animals, Nedda helps clients find and use their own inner strengths and courage to break through to new levels and to move forward in their lives. Because they experience being in control of a situation, clients feel confident to take appropriate steps to help themselves and their animals.

Nedda uses teleclasses and other internet services to provide a powerful learning experience that dramatically moves students to full telepathic communication with animals and other forms of life. Her offerings include:

  • TWA (Telepathy With Animals) Coaching Program series;
  • TWA-BP (Basic Principles home study course);
  • TWA-PMP (Professional Mentoring Program).

As a Shamballa Master and healing facilitator, Nedda facilitates private healing for animals and humans:

  • Distance intuitive healing and clearing with the highest vibrational energies available.
  • Preparation for surgery to facilitate the best possible outcome.
  • After surgery healing to speed recovery.
  • Space clearings.
  • Entity detachments.
  • Assistance with the crossing-over process for spirits that have left their physical body.

As a Light Worker, Nedda offers support for the Awakening and Ascension process for humanity.  In the Ascension Integration 2012 program, participants learn how to facilitate their ascension process as they integrate the energies arriving hourly to transform humanity into Homo Luminous.

Nedda is the creator and moderator of Animal Communicator Forum - this website, dedicated to making telepathy with animals as natural as breathing.

She facilitates all her services with the higher guidance of her I Am Presence and encourages others to go within for personal information and support to take back their personal power.



Nedda is a powerful empath and psychic. By working continuously to expand her consciousness and her abilities, Nedda continuously improves her receptivity and her compassionate approach to assisting her human and animal clients.

As a small child, Nedda felt the emotions of animals. She often knew what the family pets wanted. Her parents told her she was just pretending, so she stopped telling others what she experienced.

Although Nedda received her BA from Cornell University and has masters degrees from State University of New York at New Paltz and New York University, she rejected the position of Behavioral Psychologists, that animals are a collection of conditioned responses without emotions. She could not deny her own inner truth.

In the early 1990's, Nedda read Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith. This propelled her to a new level of consciousness about animals: animals are sapient and sentient beings - intelligent, self-aware, and feeling beings.  They have their own unique perspectives and life purposes. This understanding is the basis for Nedda's professional work with animals today.

Since 1994, Nedda has given private consultations for thousands of animals of many species, including horses, cats, dogs, lamas, iguanas, cockatiels, parrots, and a pet tarantula. Distance is no obstacle. Telepathic communication is instantaneous even if the animal is living half-way around the planet.

Nedda discovered her healing abilities by learning ways to help her horse, Echo, as she aged. Having a clear intention and being open to the possibilities, even when it defies logic, may bring about dramatic improvements in health and emotional well-being in a very short time.

In 1999, Nedda took her first workshop in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. By the end of the class, she felt that, for the first time, she had fully connected with her healing abilities. Shamballa is a program of Spiritual Ascension and Empowerment. It inspired Nedda to begin helping others who are also awakening.

As you integrate the higher vibrational frequencies available on Earth today, you may experience challenges as you begin to remember your life purpose and spiritual connections, Nedda provides assistance while supporting your emerging sense of Self and higher consciousness. We are moving into Unity Consciousness as a way of life on Planet Earth. Let us join together to create the world we truly want to experience.

If you live in the US or Canada, please contact Nedda by phone to make an appointment.  Otherwise, feel free to email Nedda at to request information and/or to schedule a session.