Tracking Lost Animals

by Jacquelin Smith

(excerpts from Jacquelin's book, Animal Communication - Our Sacred Connection)

Tracking lost animals is probably the most challenging work any animal communicator does.  I have been tracking lost animals for over twenty-five years with very good results.

When someone calls me to locate their missing animal I will ask these basic questions:  Have you called the animal shelters?  Have you put up fliers?  Where have you looked for your animal companion?  Have you called the veterinarians in the area?  I ask them if they have visualized their animal companion coming home.  After questions are answered then I begin my process of locating their animal friend.

It takes a great deal of focus to do this work.  It can be challenging since the person and animal are usually upset.  I ask the person to be as calm as they can in order to help their animal calm down, too. Taking time to do this allows all of our energies to be aligned, and to be clear in our intention to locate the animal.  If upset continues, it can interfere with finding an animal.

I communicate with the animal to see if she/he is still in the body, astral traveling, or has crossed over into the light.

I begin tracking in a spontaneous way when I get on the phone with a person.  As I start tracking, I determine which compass direction the animal is in relationship to the person’s house.  I communicate with the animal to discover if they are lost or if they have left home on purpose.  Then, I look through the animal’s eye to see what they are viewing around them.  Next, I view the area from above where the animal is so that I can see landmarks and objects.  This allows me to collect details that I can share with the person.  For example, I might hear chimes and see an animal hanging out in front of a yellow house that has a blue car parked in the driveway.

I gather as many details as I can find when tracking a missing animal.  This way, the person can keep an eye out for these landmarks and objects when they go to look for their animal companion.

Jeff called me to help locate his lost cat, Spitfire, who had been gone for over a week.  As I communicated with Spitfire, she showed me the route she had been taking during the last week.  I told Jeff that she had been wandering through some old rundown buildings a couple streets behind his house.  He confirmed that these buildings were in fact a couple streets behind his house.  As I followed Spitfire's route, I could see that she had circled around the buildings a couple times, but was now in an old house somewhere nearby.  She was frightened and in the dark.  I suggested to Jeff that he check all old abandoned houses near his residence. I felt Spitfire was close by.  He checked several houses but said he didn't find her.  He said there was one house that he wasn't able to get into because it was locked.  A day later he called me to tell me the miracle that had just happened.

"When I was sitting at home, I realized that I used to take care of the old house that I couldn't get into for a friend of mine.  It was many years ago.  Anyway, I suddenly remembered I had a key to the house.  I went over and got into the house and called for Spitfire.  I didn't hear any response, so I was turning to leave when I heard a meow.

I was looking everywhere for her, but couldn't find her.  She meowed louder and I finally found her stuck in a dark crawl space.  She couldn't get out.  I couldn't believe I found her.  I brought her home right away behind our doors.

What a miracle!  That old key was sitting in a drawer for years.  This is an absolute miracle."

Jeff and I and Spitfire rejoiced that she had been saved and was now safe.

Jeff and I had prayed for divine intervention to bring his beloved Spitfire home.  Divine intervention and synchronicity is exactly what happened.  I always feel honored and joyful to be a part of such wondrous happenings.

Tracking Jonah, a Jackson's Lizard
Marilyn called me frantic that her lizard, Jonah, had gotten lost.  "I had him in his backyard pen and when I went out to see how he was doing, he was gone.  I'm worried because it gets cold at night and I'm afraid he might not survive."

There was an old stone wall around her yard. I gulped when I knew he had crawled inside the stone wall.  I told Marilyn that he was in the west wall of her yard.  She went out and looked the best she could but could not find him.  Yet I knew he was there.

She told me Jonah loved bathing in the sunlight, so I suggested that she put some of his food and water in the yard so as to encourage him to come into the light.

I communicated with Jonah and asked him to come out from the stones.  I showed him a picture of his food and water.  He didn't come out that day, but a day later Marilyn called me.  "Guess what?”  He just came out of the wall and into the yard where I placed his food and water.

Visualization and Prayer can help bring an animal home.  Focusing our energies in these ways help support an animal in whatever way they might need at the time.

Cinammon Comes Home
Sylvia called me from North Carolina because her feline friend, Cinammon, ran out of the house and hadn't been seen for two weeks.  Cinammon is a fourteen-year-old indoor cat.

I followed Cinammon steps psychically from the moment she had left to where she was presently.  I gave Sylvia specifics about the area where Cinammon was so she could go and try to find her.  But I also told Sylvia she was on the move, which made this more challenging.

Sylvia drove to the area, but didn't find her beloved friend.  I suggested she look in the same area for a couple days, but Cinammon wasn't to be found.  Sylvia asked me to do another consult in order to continue tracking her.  When I tuned in, I could tell Cinammon was moving in the pattern of a circle, which I have found a number of cats doing when I am tracking them.  She had traveled about half of a circle from Sylvia's home.

At this point, Sylvia and I used my, "Magnetic Heart of Love Technique" to attract Cinammon home.

I asked Sylvia to visualize Cinammon meowing at the back door.  Animals feel this energy and it helps to draw them home.  I asked Sylvia to do this three times a day.  Meanwhile, I was showing Cinammon the path that would help her get home.

Sylvia called me three days later. "Oh, you won't believe it, Cinammon showed up at my door late last night.  She meowed and I ran to the door.  I picked her up and held her for a long time."

Astral Travel
Sometimes when animals are trapped, they astral travel. Gweyn called me from Indiana about their office cat, George.  He had been living in their company's office for about a week when he simply disappeared.  Everyone assumed he had scooted out the door with one of the employees.  Maybe he was dead.  After listening to Gweyn, I contacted George and saw him in a park, which was a couple blocks from their office building.  She went and looked for him but didn't find him.

I tuned in again, and had a different experience.  The image that flashed through my mind was of George being in a box somewhere in the dark.  I told Gweyn I thought he was in their warehouse but was astral traveling in the park.

The next day, Gweyn called to tell me, they had found George stuck in a box in the corner of the warehouse.  We celebrated his being found.

I will ask the animals if they're occupying their bodies.  Some say yes, some say no, while others are confused and say they don't know.  I ask my guidance for clarification.

Also, I look around to see where the animal is because that might give me a clue.  It's not unusual for an animal who dies suddenly to not realize that they're dead.  Jane called me because her dog, Pete, had been missing for four days, which was unusual.  Jane had attended my workshops and was trying to communicate with Pete, but could not get a connection.  When I asked Pete to show me where he was, his spirit appeared and told me that he had gotten killed by a coyote.  Jane said she felt he had been killed but didn't want to accept it.  She searched for his body but never found it.  And Pete never returned home.  Jane and I blessed and released his spirit into the hands of God.

Finding a Frightened or Shy Animal
It is always more challenging to recover a shy or frightened animal than one who is friendly and outgoing.  I've located many frightened, shy animals, that in fact were spotted by people, but who could not respond to their name being called by their person or to food being put down for them.

In general, I've been able to help more people be reunited with their beloved animal friends when their animal tends to be outgoing and friendly.

I do not give up on the shy animals who become more frightened than an outgoing animal does when they are lost.  It simply takes more patience and communicating with the animal to help.

Paula called me about her dog Stan.  She had let him out of the car to run in a field that was surrounded by woods.  Paula had brought Stan to this field many times, but this time he had taken off and she couldn't find him.  Paula had gotten back into her car to get one of Stan's toys and when she got back out, he was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm frantic.  I went into the woods and looked all over and couldn't find him.  I think he's dead or someone stole him.  Please, help."

When I communicated with Stan he was in his body and showed me that he was running around in the woods.  So I did an overview of the area psychically to see what if any specific landmarks I could give her.  I told her I saw two streets that ran along the wooded area.  One street was on the other side of the woods and then the street she had taken to get to the field.  I told her I felt he would come on one of those two streets.

I asked Stan to return to the field and communicated to him that Paula would be coming to look for him.  I asked him to stay put but to show his body to Paula so she could see him.  The next day Paula drove to one of the streets and looked for him.  But no Stan.  Then she drove to the other street which led to the field.  Within two minutes of her driving up by the field, Stan popped out of the woods and "showed" his body to her.  She called to him, and he ran into her arms.  They were elated to see each other.  In the end, there is a bigger picture going on with the person and their animal friend that they can't see and might not ever see or understand as to why their animal is found or not.

Do All Animals Want To Be Found?
When people call me to locate a lost beloved animal companion, I do my best to locate them and to help the person recover them. Most of the animals I communicate with desire to be found.  For example, some animals slip out the door, wander around and end up getting lost.  Others, may jump a backyard fence, run off to have an adventure and not be able to find their way home.  I receive many calls from people who have recently moved to a new house whose animals go outside and can't find their way home.  And then there are animals who "run" away from home and do not desire to be found.

It's important to remember that animals make their own choices from both the personality and soul level. It's not always about what we want or what we think is best for them

If an animal decides they are ready to leave their home with us, then we must respect that choice and release them.  And if the soul has decided to pull its spirit out of the body because it is ready to do so, the animal may run into the street and get hit by a car.

Whether I find a person's animal companion or not, I like to ask the question, "Is there some kind of lesson here?"  The person will think about this and then we discuss their feelings and insights.  This seems to give meaning to what has happened, and from this emerges growth.

Attracting An Animal Home
There are a number of steps a person can take before they go out and look for their animal friend.  If that doesn’t work then I recommend the Magnetic Heart of Love Technique which I developed so people could connect with their animal companions to draw them home.  Steps people can take before they look for an animal or do to attract their animal home are described in depth in my book, Animal Communication - Our Sacred Connection.

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