Teresa Wagner 9/16/09

A Brief Sampling from 21 Years of Conversation

with Teresa Wagner

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
2-3 p.m. Eastern Time

Teresa Wagner

Most of us seem to have certain animal species with whom we connect much more deeply than others--animals who call to our souls in ways that no others can. This is how it is for me with the whales. They are my ancestral family and my spiritual guides. I love them beyond measure. Whether we refer to the animals with whom we have such profound relationships as our power animals, spirit guides, teachers, healers or family isn't what's important. What does seem to be important is our openness and willingness to enthusiastically yet humbly discern their important messages, and to apply that learning into the daily fabric of our lives.

One of the most transformative and pivotal things the whales told me many years ago is that "higher consciousness is not related to species, breed, intelligence or ego. It's the result of a soul's choice to accept and embrace opportunities to grow, regardless of the form (or formlessness) a soul may be experiencing at any time." Before hearing this from the whales, I had placed them and their wise messages on a towering pedestal, assigning them a greatness I thought achievable only by whales and perhaps saints and bodhisattvas. They called me on the carpet for this view! I was told that "wisdom is not meant to be shrouded in mystery, intellectualized, or admired from afar as if unattainable, but to be utilized and lived." Furthermore, they admonished me (affectionately!), "not to idolize or worship others' greatness but to access it as guidance as I find my own greatness and live it." These messages and others from the whales that have helped many of us on our life journeys will be shared and expounded upon in the class.

I have been talking with the whales for twenty-one years--sometimes for my own personal guidance (or just to chat!), sometimes to serve as a translator for individuals to hear the guidance whales want to offer them, sometimes to help whales in distress, and sometimes to bring messages from the whales to groups of people. This class is an opportunity to share some of these messages as well as to help you connect personally with the whales.

My first conversation with a whale was in October, 1988 while on a whale watch boat in the Gulf of Maine off Provincetown, Massachusetts. Our encounter changed my life irrevocably. For the next eleven years I traveled to see humpbacks as often as I could possibly afford to--trips to Hawaii, Alaska and back to Provincetown. In 1999, I was blessed to have my first experience to actually be in the water, side by side, swimming with these magnificent beings. Ever since, I've been facilitating annual trips to the same whale sanctuary off the Dominican Republic to bring other humans to swim with and communicate with these whales. This journey is my annual pilgrimage to be with the whales, the holy days of my year, every year.

There are almost no words for what this is like to be next to these whales who so obviously choose to be near us in the water. Time stops. The world stops. The energy of their love, strength, gentleness and trust is palpable. Despite the vast differences in species and size, there seem to be no differences when we're together, only our spirits, only our mutual love. There is no fear, no alarm, no ego. Only love, there is simply light and love. This love, and their wisdom, infuses us. And it stays long after returning to land. It is this profound loving energy from the whales that I will attempt to convey in the class. Though the whales who choose to come to us in the water very much enjoy the experience, they have made it clear that being together physically is not needed to exchange this energy. It is a great pleasure and delight to help connect you with them through this class. They enjoy connecting with us in conversation and in love.

Meet Teresa Wagner

Animal Communication Consultant, Grief Support Counselor

Animals In Our Hearts
Carmel, CA USA


Providing Animal Communication Consultations and Mentoring; Grief Support Counseling (and an abundance of free grief support information and resources on my site); Flower Essence Consultations; Sacred Journeys to Swim with Humpback Whales; Workshops and Teleclasses in animal communication, messages from the whales, healing from grief, counseling skills, compassion fatigue, and flower essences.


Teresa has been offering grief support services for people who have lost their animals since 1986. She began her professional animal communication work in 1991, though she has talked with animals since her childhood. She has been taking people on sacred journeys to swim with whales since 1999. Today she maintains an active animal communication practice, teaching schedule, and is writing a series of books on our relationship with animals, in addition to her audio book on grief and other educational CD's currently available.

Her traditional education includes a master's degree in counseling from Villanova University, and an undergraduate degree in psychology and criminal justice from Alvernia College. She graduated with honors and earned both degrees while working full time. She has also completed post graduate work in counseling and organizational development at Columbia University, Wharton, and with Carl Rogers at the University of Nottingham, England. She has also completed the Clinical Training Program in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the National Center for PTSD, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and has studied at the Grief Recovery Institute. Her healing arts education includes animal communication with Jeri Ryan, flower essence training at FES, Desert Alchemy and Perelandra, energy healing training in Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch and psychic studies with Evelyn Isadore. The animals, however, are her constant teachers.

Prior to her work with animals and the people who love them, she worked for ten years as training and organization development manager for RCA in New York City and New Jersey. Before her corporate career, immediately following the completion of her undergraduate degree in 1976, she worked as a counselor then a group home manager with adolescents for the Juvenile Justice Center in Philadelphia.

Her entry into the grief recovery and animal welfare fields began when she lost her first cat in 1985. Unable to come to terms with her grief, she sought therapy and began a rigorous review of the grief literature and grief workshops. Over time, these sources helped her heal and understand the grief recovery process. This motivated her to design and offer various grief workshops and to publish the audio book Legacies of Love to help others through this disenfranchised loss. Since then, Teresa has worked with thousands of grieving humans, individually, in workshops, and in bereavement support groups. This included a year's work at a hospice where she led support groups and conducted competency analysis research which resulted in the creation of the Grief Support Skills Profile. Teresa is passionately concerned about the U.S. pet overpopulation epidemic, the trauma this creates for the animals, and the grief and compassion fatigue experienced by shelter and rescue employees as well. For eight years she provided compassion fatigue workshops to shelters throughout the U.S.

Teresa has been named to Who's Who of American Women, is the recipient of the RCA President's Award and the Gwendolyn May Award for Humanitarian Work by the SPCA of Monterey County. She has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences of animal welfare organizations such as The Humane Society of the United States, American Humane Association, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. She has served on the boards of several non-profit animal welfare organizations. Her whale trip has been featured on PAX televisions network's Animal Miracles show. Her animal communication work has been featured on the television shows Beyond with James Van Praagh, the documentary Psychic Connection: Exploring the Spiritual Link Between People and Animals, in Communicating with Animals by Art Myer, Penelope Smith's Species Link Journal, The Flower Essence Society's International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy, and various newspaper articles.

For Teresa, animals and animal issues provide core meaning, guidance, joy, and purpose in her life. She lives with her two beloved and charming cats, Michaela and Olivia, in Big Sur, California near the whales, harbor seals, sea otters and sea lions in the sea, and with the redwood trees, banana slugs, chipmunks, birds, bats, foxes, little snakes and angels of the forest.