Structured Water . . . Sacred Water

An interview with Patrick Durkin

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Is it possible that drinking structured water can help us and our animals be healthier and have more energy?

What is structured water anyway?  Is it some kind of bottled water?  Distilled water?  Water flowing down a mountain?

Can structured water be made available to all of us and to our animals?

What will it cost in time and money to make structured water a part of our lives?

And how will our lives change spiritually as well as physically when we're  drinking structured water?

To find answers to these and other important questions about structured water, I called Patrick Durkin.  I was so impressed with his knowledge that I just had to invite him to speak to all of you.



Patrick Durkin, "the water man"


Patrick Durkin is a master of change and flow.   In a world where change is the only constant, new trends are starting all the time. When a movement is emerging and gathering steam, his role is to notice it and tell others about it.

As a financial advisor, Patrick used this skill to make extraordinary profits in a very short time, becoming a millionaire by 31.  However that lifestyle was unfulfilling.

Craving deeper meaning and wanting to help others drove Patrick to leave the financial industry and put his skills to use in helping humanity to solve problems.

In 2008, Patrick began an odyssey to understand water and offer a compelling alternative to plastic water bottles, stymieing the massive waste they produce while creating better hydration solutions. Through this journey Patrick founded The Wellness Enterprise to teach others about the properties of water that matter most with health, hydration and spiritual fulfillment.

Patrick is the creator of Water Magic™ an experiential based program that teaches people how to create a world they love from the inside out.