Gemstone Healing: A Secret Ancient Art

by Phil Ragno


Royal Gems


From time immemorial man has adorned himself and his pets with sacred stones. We often see pictures of Royalty wearing jewel encrusted crowns and necklaces. We see them wearing rings and carrying scepters. What is the reason they adorn themselves so? What makes an emerald or an amethyst or any gemstone for that matter so special? It is more than their rarity in nature. If rarity in nature was the only value, they would be worthless.

Queen's necklace

The ancient rishis discovered the secrets of gemstones and how one could use that power. That knowledge was passed on to wise craftsmen who fashioned tools to be used by the chosen. These tools were the crowns, necklaces, rings and scepters of the rulers of the kingdoms. These would-be enlightened ones carried the responsibility of governing their subjects in a just and righteous manner. The power stored in their gemstone creations helped to encourage and empower them.

During the dark ages, this knowledge was lost. Gemstones became an object of conjecture and superstition.

In the dawning of this coming Aquarian age, we find this ancient knowledge once again being revealed. This time the information is available to all those who respect and seek it. Developments in communication have made free use of this information to all, but it cannot be understood without a proper guide.

The right guide is necessary to harness the Healing Power of Gemstones and fashion the ancient knowledge into practical application for today’s needs. The different colors of the gem stones are created by Mother Earth’s natural radiation and pressure. These colors emanate rays of energy that can be harnessed and programmed for our personal use. A combination of 2 or more gemstones may be used as a Gemstone Prescription. Installing the proper intention comes about by intuiting what the wearer needs and knowing the legend of the gems used. Finally the fashioner of the piece must be able to let go and let the gems themselves make the final decision. I have seen what logic said would have been the correct gem disappear, before my very eyes, rather than be used in the creation of an amulet.

One does not necessarily have to believe in this power for it to work or even be aware of it, but knowing how it works and how to use it is very helpful.

Pet collar/necklace

Gemstone collars worn by a pet can help them deal with their day-to-day challenges and issues. Animals are extremely sensitive to the subtle vibrations in the collars and they love to be adorned in  jewelry. The right gemstone collar can help them physically as an aid to digestion or to alleviate trauma.

Gemstones can bring peace to a troubled pet that may be disruptive or unsocial, or insure a feeling of love and self worth to one that may have been abandoned. It can even bring cheerfulness to that moody animal friend that doesn’t know how to fit in.

Violet wearing her amethyst necklace.

The magnetic clasp on the Gemstone Collar makes it easy for the pet to remove  the collar if the energy becomes overwhelming or uncomfortable. They will intuitively know when to wear it and when to take it off.

Sometimes the collar may seemingly vanish to another dimension. This is the nature of Gemstones. It will return at the right time for continued use.

Necklace for tempering sensitivity and grounding.

Gemstone necklaces for humans serve the same high purpose. The correct gemstone or combination of gemstones used in a necklace help us to overcome negative astrological influences and character liabilities. They can bring about a lasting peace in the home or at the workplace. They serve well at attracting the right companions, finding lasting prosperity, calming emotions, tempering sensitivity and developing will power,  just to name a few issues.

Necklace with iolite, moonstone, amethyst and sterling silver

The shape of the stones in a necklace as well as the numerological sequence are both important. Also important is the length of the piece for specific health or emotional concerns. The clasp of the necklace crosses the medulla oblongata, the entry place for energy in the body. This intensifies the use of the amulet and is the most practical way to wear a gemstone.


A Personal Shrine is a very important object for today’s citizen in our harried world. A Personal Shrine is a beautiful and powerful object to have in your home or workplace. Some folks have several. It can be set up in an aquarium or terrarium. It consists of a collection of a few gemstones or crystals, arranged together, for your attention and devotion.

Prosperity Altar

Each Personal Shrine is in fact personal. It is designed for your personal needs. It helps you to focus your attention on what you are trying to attract or accomplish. It is a tool you can use to reconnect with Spirit. It can be decorated with a plant or fresh flowers and based around a statue of the divine.



Certain stones work better in sunlight or moonlight and some better indoors or outdoors. Sitting before the correct Gemstones in your Personal Shrine makes it easier to meditate, concentrate and focus.

In the workplace you can absorb or reflect the negative feelings of coworkers or ground yourself while remaining incognito. You can stimulate your energy or inspire yourself to succeed. You can soothe your emotions in a stressful environment.


So, we see that the ancient secret of the healing power of gemstones can be used to good purpose for modern man!

Perhaps our environment is even more stressful than that of the hoary sages that unearthed this power long ago. With the right guide we can learn how to tap into this energy, use it to make life more pleasant for our pets and ourselves, and be happy!

After all, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

* * * * *