Phil Ragno 12/14/11


The Healing Power of Gemstones

with Phil Ragno

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Phil with Jessica and King

Pets as well as people can benefit from the ancient science of healing through the power of gemstones. A necklace/collar, fashioned correctly, is not only beautiful but a powerful tool to generate energy previously dormant and unmanifested. These subtle energies are ever present through out the mineral kingdom.  There is an unlimited potential in these elements that we can tune into to help our sentient friends and ourselves. Phil has been practicing this science for over 35 years and can help facilitate results.

All stones have the potential to be healers. Sometimes as children we have picked up a “lucky” pebble on the beach or in the forest and carried it around until it mysteriously vanished. Gemstones are particularly powerful. They bear Mother Earth’s natural radiation and pressure.  This energy forms, shapes and colors special stones creating gemstones and crystals.

All these sacred specimens are inhabited, directed and connected to Spirit.  When used properly, these precious stones can help us to concentrate on Life Issues and help us to heal ourselves and others of mental, physical and spiritual maladies. They communicate on all levels and get us closer to Spirit.

This science is the origin of birthstones. A child was given a particular stone to wear to help overcome the liabilities of their astrological chart. A great help, but life’s experience tells us there is more to our journey than just this. As the signs of the Zodiac shift, we are constantly influenced and changed by personal variables. Gemstones can help us and help us to help others. They guide our will power to accomplish our goals.

By deliberately wearing the correct gemstone we can tune into the healing energy carried with in it. Pets, plants, and all manifestations of Spirit are positively affected by their proper use.

By attending this class, you will:

  • Discover the ancient origin of jewelry.
  • Learn how color affects the power of gemstones.
  • Acquire the knowledge of gemstones.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge of using gemstones at home and in the workplace.
  • Understand how gemstones can subtly affect ourselves and our animals.
  • Learn how to take proper care of our Gemstone Guardian.



Animal Communicator, Gemstone Craftsman

Angel Creations LA

Los Angeles, CA USA


Phil can recommend the correct gemstone or crystal and fashion it into a personal necklace/collar for your pet or yourself. It will assist in removing obstacles on the mental, physical and/or spiritual path.

He also can help you to create a Personal Shrine with the correct gemstones that will help to attract peace at home or the workplace, prosperity, or the right companions.

About Phil Ragno

Phil began animal communicating as a child with a handsome Basset that belonged to his neighbor. He wrote a song about their friendship and he used to sing it to him.

As a young man, while caring for an ailing German Shepherd, Phil reconnected with his close connection to the animal kingdom.  He could no longer devour meat and has remained a strict vegetarian for 40 years.

In 1974, yoga reawakened Phil's consciousness. He began to meditate regularly. After developing an intuitive as well as imperial knowledge of gemstones, Phil started to use them as a service to humanity. His close association with the animal kingdom has given him the opportunity to serve them as well.

In college, as a communications major, Phil learned how to clearly express ideas to others. This helped him communicate information in his new age/health food store, Advanced Health, that was located in the shadow of Manhattan. The store disseminated knowledge and prospered for 16 years.

Phil sold his possessions in 1999, moved to Los Angeles, and retired to live the life of a monk.

After 12 years, his karma has brought him back to service in the world. Phil has been using his gift to create gemstones collars and necklaces for healing, and he enjoys sharing that gift with others.

Phil is an affiliate of the Animal Communicator Forum. He can be reached at


Angel Creations LA