Penelope Smith 9/15/09

The Stages

with Penelope Smith

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
2-3 p.m. Eastern Time


Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith will guide you through the adventure of learning to communicate telepathically with animals.  She will be discussing

  • Opening to telepathic communication with animals;
  • The stages of growth that people travel on this journey-from separateness to oneness;
  • The barriers you can expect to find as you develop your ability to communicate with animals;
  • How to get through the challenges so you can give and receive communication with accuracy, depth, substance, and helpfulness.

In this program, you will:

  • Explore training pointers to learn to communicate telepathically with animals and all of life.
  • Gain insight into the bigger picture, overview, and deeper meaning of the path of animal communication.
  • Receive guidance from a pioneer who has taught animal communication for over thirty years.

Meet Penelope Smith

Animal Communication Specialist, Author, Editor, Publisher

Anima Mundi Incorporated
Prescott, AZ, USA


Providing Animal Communication Training courses, Dolphin and whale journeys, Retreats, Shamanic healing circles, Species Link magazine, Books, and audio and video recordings.

About Penelope Smith

Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Penelope Smith discovered in 1971 that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans. The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her bachelor's and master's degrees in the social sciences; years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition, and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care; plus firsthand education from the thousands of animals she has contacted.

Penelope's visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, numerous books, and on radio and television. Her tried-and-true telepathic communication techniques complement ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge and foster people's ability to understand and communicate with animals on all levels. A legendary teacher for over three decades, she has helped launch the careers of numerous professional animal communicators. Penelope feels that the sacred connection we make through telepathic communication with other species is essential for human wholeness. She believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that, although it is long lost for most people, it can be regained for the benefit of all beings on Earth.

Penelope Smith is the author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak (available in many languages), and Animals in Spirit. In 1990, she founded and is the editor of Species Link magazine. Her audio recordings include the Animal Communication Mastery Series, Animal Spirit Call, and the Basic Course CD set.

For information on Penelope Smith's books, audio and video recordings, Species Link magazine, courses, retreats and animal communicator directory visit; write Anima Mundi Incorporated, 1415 W Libby Loop Road, Prescott, AZ 86303 U.S.A.; or call (928) 776-9709. Direct order line 1-800-431-1579.