Streaker . . .


A "Divine Triangle" Story

by Penelope Jensen



My personal story of the benefit of The Divine Triangle is a bittersweet one. My beloved Greyhound Streaker and I were taking our morning walk with his buddies, The Motley Pug Crew and their person. We always visit the river and a wide-open meadow filled with grass and small trees. This is a favorite spot for doggie rough housing and running. There is nothing funnier than watching a Pug/Chihuahua mix chasing a Greyhound in a full out run!! Streaker takes about 5 great strides before the Pug mix stops, spins in a circle and starts barking, “Not fair, not fair!” Streaker, still running, with an ear-to-ear grin on his face made his second pass across the meadow. As he turned to fly back he screamed! I ran to his side, he was unable to walk even a step; he had injured his right front leg. Thank goodness we were in the meadow and not out in the woods, I was able to maneuver my SUV to the area and get him in the car.

As we drove I called the vet, to say we were on our way. I now say, “Thank You Jessie, for teaching me how to stay tapped into The Divine Connection to Source and my critters!” Without this connection I would have flown into a panic, my mind racing ahead to the prognosis, what kind of daily care he would need, how I was going to pay for this and scheduling the resulting trips to the vet.

My connection was keeping me calm and my heart open to hear how my boy was doing in the back seat. He settled down and gave me his best, I Love You Eyes. He then told me his wishes, “No amputation. You promised me you would never do that to me.” Streak’s best friend Bo passed two weeks to the day from complications due to an amputation. He then continued with, “ I miss Bo. “ He talked of our adventures, our great walks, how he loved to be off leash to run, sniff and explore. The massages he loved so much when I sat on his dog bed and rubbed his chest till he fell asleep. He made me promise I would continue to walk with his buddies, The Motley Pug Crew. He then requested that I donate his food to a rescue group and to make sure his coats and collars went to Greyhound foster dogs. Streaker knew how badly he was injured. He had already made his choice, Pain Free and to be with Bo on the other side.

Our arrival at the vet confirmed not only a broken leg, but also multiple breaks in the worst possible spots. I needed for my own human peace of mind to have a prognosis. Without the amputation option it would mean a metal plate, screws and a trip to a specialty clinic for the surgery. I have family and friends that have told me the most painful experience in their life was this type of surgery. The ones that still have plates are still in pain years after the fact. (This is the place in the story where I add, if he had chosen surgery, he would have received it regardless of the cost.)

Streaker in Penny's office.

The greater point being, I was able to stay present with my heart wide open to hear my Doggie Love’s wishes. I was able to be his advocate, regardless of my desires, thoughts or rationalizations. To be honest my mind wanted a different outcome, however with my heart fully engaged using The Divine Triangle, would not allow it. I honored his request and let go with love.

The most frequently asked question about this technique is, “Can I achieve The Divine Triangle with my own animal in my own home?” The good news is you were born with the ability to connect to Source and your companion animals. It just requires a bit of practice. I hope you trust the information that every animal in your life has been waiting for this opportunity to “show you the love”! Every critter in my home has that Divine Connection and shares it with me. Jessie is my official Gangster of Love, ringleader of the love movement. His connection is grounded and strong. Jessie devotes time to teaching me how to be in that space. He will stay in bed to snuggle and mingle with me “In the Triangle”. Phoenix, kitty number two, is an In Your Face kind of Lover. He comes on hard and fast. He’ll jump in my lap; wrap his paws around my neck while sending a ton of love. His agenda can be time consuming or a quick blast of love and he’s gone! While Streaker the Greyhound is soft, sweet and oh so gentle, with a never-ending wave of gratitude. He is a true sensitive and prefers a shorter connection. Each and every critter has their own unique connection frequency, so you may see, hear or feel differently when you try this with a variety of companions or species.

Jessie and Phoenix

Exactly how can you accomplish increasing your connection of Love to your Higher Self and your critters? Meditate, even if it is for a few minutes. Please note this whole awakening unfolded sitting on my couch with Jessie close by. When it started it was a quick sending and receiving of Love. Our first exchange lasted just a minute while I was watching TV! I was so enchanted with Jessie’s depth and connection it became an evening ritual. At first I was unable to hold the space or my attention for more than a few minutes. I just kept practicing.

What I found interesting while in this space was the absolute stillness. To me it felt thick and dark, secure and all encompassing. You may find that energy is like a web or a wave. The absence of time and space was comforting. It was like a vacation for my Soul. I was free from the bombardment of the information of the physical world. My wants disappeared. I felt a deep satisfaction that I was a beloved being. It is absolutely amazing to feel the magnitude of Love that is available to us all if we just learn to tap in! Depending on how you receive information, you may find something entirely different. You could see light or colors, or hear that you are with your Higher Self. You might just feel that you are in a Divine space or just know you’re there.

After a few months of practicing I realized that I had changed. My heart was all the way open, all the time. My train of thought had taken on a more than normal positive tone and it helped me focus my heart in compassion, sending Love to all I encountered elevating lots of those human moments of judgment. This created a new dynamic in the entire house, more Love less attitude for and from all beings.

* * * * *

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