Celebrate the Little Things

by Morgine Jurdan

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey! Barbara Hoffman

Celebration is something we often tend to reserve for special occasions in our lives. We grow up celebrating birthdays, or holidays, an anniversary or graduation. We reserve the act of celebration for times we think are significant. Here we invite others into our lives, entertain friends, have fun with our children and let loose and relax for a while, often with smiles on our faces.

The feelings we experience at these moments are not things we often engage in our daily lives like inspiring joy, happiness, playfulness and excitement. Yet these are the very feelings we are told we need to engage more often, if we want to be successful, more prosperous and vibrantly healthy. So why do we reserve them for isolated occasions such as these?

I suggest we begin to transform the ordinary moments of our lives into extraordinary ones by paying more attention to the little accomplishments we make all day long. What if you paid more attention to all those little micro movements which brought you to this moment, here and now? What if you begin to Celebrate all the little things too!

Each day, you take new steps, hundreds of them. You choose to get up, eat breakfast, meditate, ask for guidance and take action, drive to work, stop and listen to your children, take the dog for a walk. Sometimes you are on automatic pilot and you don’t even stop to think. Before you know it, the day is over, and you are often exhausted and feeling as if you got little accomplished. Here is where the importance of Celebration comes in. It literally transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary, with little effort and yet big, ever expanding results!!

Most people love it when they are appreciated for even the smallest of things, like sharing a smile, a handshake, listening to someone. How often has a genuine “thank you” from someone, been the highlight of your own day? Why wait? Why not say “thank you” to yourself for a change? This makes is easier to do your next task. It provides an “energy boost”!

How to begin?

You can begin by congratulating yourself for getting up in the morning. There are people who choose to stay in bed, remain stuck, or not move forward in their life. Smile at yourself when you are getting ready for you day! Appreciate it took some effort to do that! Celebrate making some necessary phone calls you have been putting off. Good job! Hurray! Find a Way to celebrate You in a way that resonates with you in a positive way. Treat yourself to lunch, take a five-minute walk, or just sit for five minutes and do nothing at all! How about a little smile for stopping to really listen to your children, planting those flowers in the yard, helping someone carry boxes, or getting your car washed. There are dozens of opportunities throughout the day!

It sounds a little silly at first, however, remember how a simple compliment from someone else can lift your spirits during the day. Your vibration raises and you feel a little lighter. This makes is easier to do your next task. It provides an “energy boost”! You can provide the same energy boost to yourself several times a day! By the end of the day you will feel a lot more energized and perhaps even feel a little peaceful excitement when you go to bed, looking for new ways to celebrate yourself tomorrow!

I can hear the resistance rising to the service as it once did for me. Thought about not deserving such things, not having time, it’s not such a big deal anyway. Yet when we fail to nurture ourselves first, and celebrate all that we are, we are poor role models for our own family and our children and for all those we want to inspire to be all they can be! It starts one small step at a time for them and for us as well!

What if you looked at the Potential these moments offered you and released any thoughts about problems. What if each moment was a gift and you need only receive it and be grateful for your own participation in it! Every day, just as the sun rises, the Aborigines in Australia celebrate! For them, it is as if a miracle occurs and they stand in wonder and awe the sun as come up yet again! Such a rare and wonderful gift! The beginning of yet another day in which to create and manifest your dreams!

When you take a moment to stop and honor yourself, focus on what you just finished, you can transform your day! Smile, clap your hands and give a little cheer, or give yourself a hug, arms across your chest. Stand up and walk around the room with a smile on your face and then sit down again, marking the moment. You might go to lunch with friends, or plan to take a special bath before bed! It is these magical moments of recognition that can fuel your day! They take so little time and yet they can mean so much! Breathe in Gratitude for all you accomplish every day, and for the amazing person you truly are!!

Then finally the magic begins to expand outwards. The better you feel about yourself the more your self trust increases and the more you want to share this happiness with others. You develop an inner glow! People can benefit just by being in your presence. Then you begin to look for opportunities to compliment others around you. Experiencing the transformation in your own life, you desire to share this exciting new tool with the world! You begin to strengthen your focus on what you desire in your own life, by complimenting what you love and appreciate about others! You lift their spirits and are inspired by your own actions! It becomes an endless circle of Celebration! Your life becomes a Celebration!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Oprah

* * * * *

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