Morgine Jurdan 12/15/10



with Morgine Jurdan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)

Morgine Jurdan

It seems we often wait until the end of someone’s life, be they animal or human, to take time to remember and appreciate them. Perhaps we are living our lives backwards or upside down?

Maybe we can begin to celebrate ourselves and our animal friends a little more every day . . . or once a week . . . or once a month?   There are many simple ways in which we can do this:   in our families, or with friends, or perhaps with a neighborhood event once in a while!

Why not celebrate ourselves and each other here and now, while our animal friends are still with us and able to appreciate our gratitude and love?  They are amazing in all the many ways they support us every day.

We also might wake up with a new perspective about our own human lives!

Come and find out how a little celebration here and now can change your daily experience of life, each other, and your relationships!

During this program you will:

  1. Learn to use “celebration” as a exciting tool to transform your life and your relationship with your animal friends, and perhaps even your human friends as well!
  2. Deepen your appreciation of the gifts your animal friends are in your life.
  3. Discover how focusing on what brings you joy can help lessen your pain and suffering.
  4. Learn how to celebrate yourself and your animal friends more deeply in very simply ways.
  5. Explore how celebration can reduce the suffering and grief often experienced when a beloved animal friend dies.

Meet Morgine Jurdan

Animal & Nature Communicator, Visionary Coach, Writer, Healer, Photographer, Artist, & Lover of Life

Communications With Love
Amboy, WA USA


Morgine loves inspiring loving relationships between you and your animal friends.   She begins by helping you recognize your own brilliance and wisdom.

Sometimes the only thing that separates an animal from a healthy body or a desirable behavior is a lack of clear communication. Morgine provide this, teaches and mentors students, and also guides people through end-of-life issues so they make the best decisions for themselves and their animals. She also helps with lost animals and communicates with animals in spirit.

Morgine's passion is inspiring a new way of relating to animals and helping people learn to honor their lives now, so that the time of passing on can be a time of celebration and joy instead of grief and suffering.

Morgine is also gifted in hearing the deeper messages animals want to share with us to help transform our daily lives, providing guidance and love, sometimes beyond human understanding. She also does healing, clearing spaces, communicating with Nature, and co-creating gardens in harmony with nature.

About Morgine Jurdan

Animals have always been a part of my life from the moment I was born. I had dozens of different animals growing up including chameleons, a myna bird, and a skunk. Years later, my husband also had animals, and we continued the tradition with our own two children who lovingly cared for many kinds of animals large and small. I still have a cat named Magic and a little dog named Cedar.

My first two-way communication involved my daughter’s dog who was poisoned with antifreeze when we moved to a new home with piles of trash around. He would ask me to sing songs on our trips to get his transfusions. I thought I was imagining things at first until he would relax and wag his tail when I sang. Many years later, I took an animal communication class to help our two dogs to stop fighting and my life was forever transformed by the wisdom I gained communicating with both animals and all of Nature.

My greatest joys today come from spending time in nature and communing with its wise teachers, and being a Visionary Coach inspiring Brilliance in everyone I meet. I have learned how to transform problems into potential and how to listen genius from others. I am also well trained in many healing modalities including flower essences, Ttouch, and Reiki. I am also passionate about writing and finishing a book about how to create a happy fulfilling life according to animals and nature.