Lynn McKenzie 9/17/09

Through Your Animal Companions

with Lynn McKenzie

Thursday, September 17, 2009
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time

Lynn McKenzie

In this talk you will

  • Learn how you too can receive profound spiritual messages from your beloved animal companions - even those on the other side.
  • Gain insight into the teachings of the animals.
  • Meet Lucero, my master teacher and main guide and discover how you can meet your own personal guides.
  • Explore your Divine Mission or Soul's Divine Blueprint through the animals.


Meet Lynn McKenzie

Animal Intuitive

Animal Energy
Sedona, AZ USA


Providing Animal Communication sessions; Private Healing and Intuitive Consultations for animals and humans; a free audio course on my site entitled ‘Making the Heart Connection'; an instructional Animal Communication DVD; Learn-from-home study courses on ‘Healing and Understanding our Animal Companions through the Chakras' and "Animals in the Afterlife'; A monthly Animal Communication, Intuition and Healing Mastermind by phone; A line of Flower Essences for animals and practitioners; Ongoing Teleclasses.

About Lynn McKenzie

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally known Animal Intuitive and publisher of the ‘Divine Mission of Animals' newsletter and the free ‘Making the Heart Connection' audio course. In her mission to teach and educate others, Lynn offers ongoing teleclasses, occasional in-person workshops, a number of learn-from-home audio programs and an Animal Communication DVD.

Lynn's focus with clients is in spiritual development through the animals and working with clients through the death, dying and afterlife of their animal companions. Lynn loves helping others to attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share. As a Master Healer, Lynn's second passion is energy clearing to create peace, balance, harmony and joy.

Trained by Pioneer Animal Communication Specialist Penelope Smith among others, Lynn is a also a Certified Life Coach (Coach Training Alliance) Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist (Transformational Arts College) and has spent well over a decade studying various intuitive and energy healing modalities including Body Alignment Technique, Brain Gym, Nutritional Kinesiology, Channeling, Tarot, Equine Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Therapy, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Dowsing. This varied toolkit affords Lynn a unique approach in her consultations.

Lynn also works with clients of the two-legged variety and offers coaching, consulting, energy healing and a wide variety of intuitive readings. Her coaching focuses on both individuals and small businesses in the areas of intuition, spirituality and manifesting.

Lynn is a professional speaker and has been featured frequently in all forms of media since 1997. She is a regular contributor to Animal Wellness, Equine Wellness, and Feline Wellness magazines and is thrilled to share that she has recently been published in the new Hay House book Pets Have Souls Too.

Lynn currently lives in Sedona AZ, with her Maltese companion Carly. She has been communicating with animals all her life, professionally for 13 years. She can be reached at 928-282-9800 or through her website at