Lightspeak Animal Communication

In the Radiant Flow of Life

by Leiah Bowden

Occasionally it happens that the best way for me to serve an animal and his or her human is to experience the multidimensionality of the animal. In addition I ask him or her to tell me and allow me to feel or show me what he or she needs.

This more complex method is often a journey to the stars, through the earth. It is like extending my hand into the solid flesh of the animal and finding there a vibrating light which tells stories.

Here are two such readings: Rasa, a Yorkshire terrier, and Lehualani, a mare. I have changed the names but have the permission of the animals to use their stories to teach in this way.

Case 1: Rasa, a Yorkshire Terrier


Rasa feels like a tree being stripped of its bark by a ferocious wind. She desperately wants you to stay because, without you, she is at the mercy of the other dogs, who bite and snap and menace her. She will do anything to keep you home. Or, if she could travel with you, she would be thrilled beyond thrilled.

It feels like Rasa is too "human" and cannot cope with the nature of a pack without you as the leader. I ask who the leader is and the name I get is Buster -- Bruno? A pushy male.

Rasa's skin -- there is a toxic level of some acid substance that Rasa's anxiety is producing. Her fear for herself and her passion for your being here is greater than her body's willingness to allow any drug treatment to subdue her eating away at herself.

"You can’t run away from me," she says, with the emphasis on the word "me".

There is such profound sorrow in her heart because you have abandoned her. I know that is terrible to hear. But, I needed to say it that way so that you would feel what she feels.

I look inside Rasa and I see a nomad, a sturdy, questing soul trudging over a northern plain with her group, going from one place to the next. She assumes a cyclic, dangerous trek as part of her nature. She is not the leader but she feels valued and knows her place.

This is the sound Rasa makes and feels in her inner being as she pushes on.  

I ask, “What is the difference between that and your life now?”

“It is my life now. I feel like I’m treading water – always pushing but never getting anywhere. It’s so hard to keep up with the pack. I feel left out emotionally. I’m exhausted. I want to heal, to stand on someone’s body and feel my own health and the blessing of my healing nature flow into them, and see that they are appreciating my contribution. “

As she says this, I see her standing on a green hillside in a perfect Yorkie posture, the wind ruffling her fur, which is thick and lustrous. She feels complete in this version of herself.

I ask, “What do you need to regain your health?”

“I need to get out into the world, to gain energy from the earth. I want to be outside, lying on the ground, pushing my nose into the growing things and reveling in the earth energy that flows around and through me. But I don’t want to be singled out and left alone. I need the pack there with me because their flow is what makes me feel connected to order.”

She wants her human to find the ley lines on her property and to be allowed to use that energy specifically. She needs to align her energy with the Earth’s grid.

When I open my heart to Rasa, I feel a warm, radiant diamond energy spreading out in my heart. She is a great healer currently hobbled by nervous tension. Allowing her to experience Earth energy as she has requested is what she says she needs.

We go on an imaginary journey onto a place on the Earth where she feels the energy flowing and she makes certain to stand with each foot positioned precisely, so that it can plug into the grid. Each leg courses with a different quality and color as energy move up into it.

The back right leg is an electric red/amber with some turquoise, and there is a magnetic connection between it and the front left leg which also swirls a bit in the vicinity of the left back leg.

The back left leg is as if deeply rooted into the ground with a grass green/fern green look and the feeling of a staff, very sturdy.

Brilliant red and turquoise electricity runs through and up her front right leg. The foot is amber.

The left front paw hovers delicately above a shimmering silver (off-planet) pool of concentric rings that appear to be sitting on the surface of the Earth. The foot hovers, and I ask her why.

“Because I am afraid that if I put my foot down there I will change into someone who will not be willing to put up with the faults of others – it feels like an unequivocal commitment and I don’t know what will happen.”

I tell her that the earth is ready to receive her and ask if she is ready to receive the earth. She takes a deep breath. The other feet reach farther into their sockets in the earth and she puts her foot into the silver pool. Immediately a fantastic shimmering silver-blue light (off planet) is flowing through her whole body and she vibrates with the sound of angelic voices. Off-planet technicians are working on her, swirling a spiral of white and silver light down the length of her body. Light green energy is flowing from the earth all around her. The feeling of her in my heart grows and she accepts her new strength as if returning to herself.

Twenty minutes later she emerges from the swirl of healing energies a transformed being. Her presence is larger; her coat is vibrantly reddish-brown and rich and waving in a breeze. She radiates health, strength, optimism, a wonderfully rich sense of humor and an eagerness to get to work.

She says that she wants to be useful – needs to be useful or she will revert to wasting away just as she felt that her strengths as a healer and provider (hunter) have been wasted in her present lifestyle. She says she wants to stand on someone’s chest and feel her strength radiating into them helping them heal; that that is her job. “I am a healer,” she says, with passion and assurance, as if she is telling us something that she realizes we somehow had failed to notice about her. She needs to have access to the earth’s healing properties on a regular basis, and wants to be outside in a natural power grid with the pack, which must be part of her total activity pattern. “Without the energy and acknowledgement of the pack, it is as if I am nothing, and though I see myself as valuable to humans, doing so without the pack would be an empty experience for me.”

I ask her again what she needs to return to health.

“I am returned to health in this moment. I need the continued support as you have done in helping me into the place I cannot travel to myself, and this could be as simple as allowing me to access the natural strength of the earthflow with unrestricted access, and I also need to be put to work using the gifts I bring: my healing and my keen ability to provide.”

She again shows herself to be in the nomadic version of her life which was the first image I had of her, but this time, she is not exhausted and she is singing in her heart with joy and confidence that she is living her authenticity, serving her purpose.

I sent this information to Rasa’s owner, hoping that the trust Rasa gave to me would result in her being able to spend more time connecting to the earth. I don’t know if it did. I never tune in to my clients for an update without their human’s permission.  I can only hope that Rasa has been able to experience what she longed for.

Case 2: Lehualani, a mare

Lehualani and her helper being

Unlike a standard animal communication session,  when I create an Energy Portrait, I receive communications from and impressions of the animals’ multidimensional aspects. I do not communicate with the animal directly.

Several times I have seen helper beings  like the one who appears energetically at the right side of Lehualani’s Energy Portrait.

The helper being is not a three-dimensional creature who happens to be standing alongside the animal in real life when I took the photo or in the photo from which I worked.

Helper being

Helper or companion beings generally appear to be much smaller than the animal, have human form, and are about the size of an eight year-old child. However, they are not children. They are adult beings who choose to serve the animals in whose energy fields they manifest as companions.

Helper beings are more than companions: they act as navigators who ease the animal’s energy flow as he or she moves through life’s journey, carrying out his or her mission.

These companions generally appear to be jovial, forthright, sometimes fierce in their roles as advocates and protectors, and mercurial. They can be shapeshifters, beings that can assume more than one shape or form.

I sometimes have the feeling that the companion shows up in the Energy Portrait to experience the portrait session – the energetic flow from me as the observer - as much as to show themselves as the functionaries that they are. I can feel them looking at me, as I am looking at them with the intention to see and feel their nature.The most interesting aspect of these beings is their “live” quality, compared to the static quality I perceive when I create the animal's Energy Portrait.

When a helper being shows up, that being is very lively.  Their appearance is like a live action event erupting from a photograph, so to speak.

Lehualani is devoted to her helper being. The companion shows himself with his hand reaching up to cup her muzzle, just as any affectionate human would do to a beloved horse. He stands in a relaxed position.

The colors in his being illustrate his nature: mostly white, he is essentially pure spirit.

The hand on Lehualani’s muzzle is a rich blue, the color of service.

His legs are green and red, indicating that, as he follows his journey through life, he is both eager to get going (red) and walks his path in harmony with his environment and other beings (green).

His heart is the only element in his body that shows: a green burst that speaks of his nourishing nature.

I was not surprised to see this being in Lehualani’s portrait, as she had injured herself and no doubt needed all the help she could get in her healing and re-adjusting to what would work in her world.

Exactly what are these helpers, or companion beings? I don’t know. I haven’t asked. In my practice, I have found it most helpful to simply report what I experience, rather than seek explanations and definitions.

Their function is clear: to make life easier, more fluid, and more successful for the animals they serve. They are universally smaller, usually stocky, and stand solidly by their animals. They are protective and unflinching.

* * * * *

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