Leiah Bowden 9/21/11


Lightspeak Energy Portraits:

Manifesting the Multidimensional Aspects of Your Animals

with Leiah Bowden

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Leiah Bowden and Rashi

Through a Lightspeak Energy Portrait, we can learn about an animal’s (or person's) soul’s mission, his or her greatest joys and strengths, and can see, feel and hear the animal’s multidimensional truth.

Goldie the Horse - Energy Portrait

In this talk, Leiah will explain what Energy Portraits are and will lead you through a guided visualization, at the end of which you will be able to create an Energy Portrait of a being of your choice.

If you want to create an Energy Portrait during the class, have paper and no more than nine or ten crayons with you.

During the guided visualization you will:

Goldie the Horse

  • experience the deeply relaxing surrender to your deeper self.
  • deepen your relationship with colors.
  • feel the love that infuses your heart as you open to the harmony between you and the other whose Energy Portrait you will create.
  • look into multi-dimensional layers of knowing and possibility as you create and plan your life and the events, moment by moment, that fill it.

By attending this teleclass, you will :

  • learn how Lightspeak Energy Portraits help people better understand their animals’ needs and personalities.
  • understand the dynamic meaning of the chakras.
  • discover a pathway into other dimensions.
  • experience greater comfort level with your own artistic abilities.
  • have an opportunity to experience relaxation and inspiration.


Animal Communicator, Soul Path Activator

Leiah Bowden
Schenectady, NY USA


Leiah offers long-distance or in-person intuitive communication, healing, soul readings, and multidimensional Lightspeak Energy Portraits. It is her service to help all beings live joyfully and authentically, and in harmony with other beings.

Animal Communication: In her animal communication sessions, Leiah opens herself to the animal’s guiding spirits to ask for guidance and deeper help in serving the animal and the human. She contacts an animal of any species and invites it to make its needs and wishes known toward helping it enjoy better health, safety, and fulfillment and a better relationship with humans. In this kind of session, she writes in an email or speaks to the human client the words and feelings she receives from the animal and sometimes from the animal’s guiding spirit, and if the human wishes, serves as a spontaneous translator during an active conversation between the human and the animal.

Intuitive Healing Services: Lightspeak Energy Portraits and audio/visual soul readings.

Lightspeak Energy Portraits are a work of fine art in pastels on black pastel paper. These are accompanied by an audio tape or cd of channeled guidance, which may include singing and chanting from the multidimensional being of her subject. It may also include multidimensional energy work in which she channels healing vibrational frequencies into the body of her client. Lightspeak Energy Portrait sessions may include vibrational transmissions.

Sometimes, during a standard animal communication session, Leiah receives guidance from the animal or its spirit to focus on the animal's multidimensional energy flow.  She then shifts her attention from the direct communication with the animal, in which she has been asking questions, listening for the animal's response in words, pictures, or feelings, and having a conversation with the animal. She then describes what she sees, feels, and hears just as she does when doing a Lightspeak Energy Portrait. She may also discover that the animal needs energy work, also known as vibrational healing, and she provides that as she receives intuitive and channelled direction from the animal's and her own guidance.

She offers her intuitive services in person and long-distance.

About Leiah Bowden

Leiah has offered intuitive healing services for over 30 years. Her service is to help people appreciate their own beauty, innate sovereignty, and ability to live as blessing to the planet and all its species.

Leiah conducts individual sessions and creates classes and workshops in which she helps people open to their own inner guidance and spiritual authority as they access multidimensional aspects of their own being and learn to express previously unexplored artistic and writing abilities.

For information about individual sessions, classes, workshops, and more visit Leiah’s website www.lightspeak.com. You can email her at yes@lightspeak.com.