The Influence of Beliefs . . .

. . . in Communicating with Animals in Spirit

by Kristin Thompson


Animals are continually assisting us in expanding our belief systems and our perspectives. This includes our perspectives and understanding around death. They gift us with new opportunities to explore life in ways we had never intended or dreamed of doing. At times these gifted opportunities are happy and joy filled moments. At other times it is through painful lessons of the heart, such as separation through death. While these difficult situations can be filled with fear, sadness, overwhelm, love and broken hearts, there is great comfort woven within what the animals share if we are able to be open to hear and feel their love after they have passed into spirit.


Our belief systems create our reality. What we believe will shape our experiences. If we believe that something is possible then we can potentially experience it. If we do not believe in the possibility, we will draw a line in the sand and not allow ourselves to bring that potential into reality. Our belief systems develop as we evolve. Many beliefs we are born with and may differ greatly from our first families, as they are just a part of us. Other beliefs were instilled in us early on, or that we have adopted along the way in our life. When talking with animals in spirit, it is helpful to explore our beliefs around leaving the body, death, life after death, and reincarnation. I have surely been amazed by lifting pre-existing expectations or beliefs around what is possible. And this has allowed great details about the experiences of animals in body or spirit, to flow into and through me, as gifts of love, hope, universal understanding, and everlasting connection for their people and myself.

Some questions that may be helpful to you as you explore your own beliefs around communicating with animals in or transitioning to spirit are:

  • Do I believe I can communicate with my own animal friend in spirit?
  • What do I believe happens when a being dies?
  • What do I believe about unique experiences during death, dying, afterlife?
  • How do I believe animal souls in spirit can be seen/felt?
  • How do I believe animals in spirit can/will present themselves?
  • What do I believe may be the experience of a soul after dying?
  • How do I believe animals in spirit influence our lives after they have gone?

These questions do not require an answer, rather they are a beginning for you to explore the many answers and possibilities held within your belief system. By uncapping our beliefs and expectations we are open to the limitless potential to the infinite possibilities of the universe and all souls.


When we notice a belief that we are no longer wishing to hold onto, we have a choice whether or not to change that belief. Many people get very stuck in their lives because we neglect to approach our hurdles in this way. Many of the problems in our lives are a result of the beliefs we hold.

I have assisted many human and animal clients in changing their beliefs about situations in their, and the results have been incredible. When one changes their beliefs it is possible for fears to be relieved, wounds to heal, hearts to mend, new opportunities to be taken, conflicts to resolve, relationships to begin, and on the list goes on and on.

There are many ways in which I support clients in changing their beliefs. One way that I will share here is to use our sensing capabilities, which incorporates sensing abilities which we also cultivate when developing telepathic communication. I love this method and it is good practice for your telepathic sending and sensing as well.

Beliefs can be classified or categorized internally in many different ways. They may be sorted on a scale of density, ranging from very solid beliefs are held strongly in comparison to feathery or thin, wispy beliefs. Or the characteristic one may use to sort is through a scale of bright to dull, or through position or rank. Whichever way you categorize your beliefs is absolutely perfect for you.

This exercise can help you to change old beliefs or create new beliefs you wish to hold.

1. First identify a belief that you already hold very strongly, deeply, clearly. Something that you feel and believe with all of your being. (i.e., I love animals, I love my children, I love Mother Earth, I need water, etc. )

2. Feel all of the qualities of that belief through your senses. Notice it’s vibrancy of color, or weight or the emotion it creates within you. Use all your senses to characterize this belief.

3. Allow that belief to sit within your presence on the left or right either in your minds eye, or within in your awareness.

4. Feel in your heart a new belief you wish to hold, or perhaps a weak belief that you wish to grow stronger. (i.e., I communicate with my own animals in spirit, I believe my animal in spirit can hear and feel my love for her, I deserve a rewarding loving relationship, etc.)

5. Place that new belief next to the strong belief currently in your minds eye. And compare the vibrancy or color, weight or emotional connection you feel with each. And begin to enhance the qualities of that new belief so that it matches in scale to the strong belief next to it. In essence, give it life and fullness, make it grow. Whatever the sense is that comes up for you, infuse this new belief with the qualities of the sensing of the other belief.

Be ready for things to shift, rather quickly, and this new belief to begin presenting itself for reinforcement in your life. Because we are not analyzing “why” or “how” about the new belief, it is allowed to simply take form and be full and real within our experience. Now we are to hold this new belief and embrace it into our belief system.

EMBRACING NEW BELIEFS:  Intentions and Affirmations

Embracing the new and tender beliefs that we develop along our journey is an act of self love. We often diminish or dilute that which we wish to hold by battling with our minds or intellect about why it is or isn’t quite so yet. Allow yourself to take a chance and fall into trusting that this new belief within you is as strong and as vital as all that you know to be true.

By simply setting intentions and incorporating affirmations into our daily life that solidifies the new belief we wish to adopt, we can bypass the intellectual circus that plays out in our mind. Good old sticky notes are fantastic for writing these affirmations. Place them on your computer work screen, your bathroom mirror, or on the steering wheel in your car. Set intentions as part of your daily routines, either first thing upon waking in the morning, or last thing before bed at night. The importance is in holding the beliefs you wish to have in your heart and allowing them to be full.


I have learned so much from the amazing animals I have met. It is clear to me that one of the many wishes they have for us is that we fill our lives as much as possible with love, understanding for ourselves and all beings, and deep connection to Spirit and the Universe as possible. To embrace these deepest truths is part of our journey home. The animals fully share this leg of the journey, returning to spirit, endlessly and in great depth if we are willing and able to listen.

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