Good-For-You-Ways to Build Telepathic Skills…

Let your Animals be your Coach!

by Kristin Thompson

@ Kristin Thompson 2009


The animals assist us along our journey through life in many ways. Many of us have animals in our families who are our helpers, and for others animals with whom we work, serve, treat, rescue or encounter are our teachers. One of the ways our animal friends assist us is to lead us to decide that learning to communicate with them is something we must do. We are led to this threshold willingly, and sometimes kicking and screaming. But for those of us aware we are on our spiritual path, some are so very fortunate that we have our animals holding our hands along the way. The animals are our greatest cheerleaders and support team during our quest to "get telepathic" with them.


What it takes for us to discover or recover this skill is a shift in our approach to understanding the animals. Moving from an ego based, intellectual position of analyzing behavior, body language, and adding our assumptions, and into to a feeling based, heart and spirit connection where we approach the animal as another animal, human in type, and interested in feeling with them, experiencing with them, from their viewpoint, and leaving our own assessments and expectations aside.

We can all do this. Everyone is entitled to it. This is our gift just for being alive. And if we treat this gift or ability as a muscle system within our consciousness, all we need to do is exercise that muscle and it will grow and develop into a strong, reliable ally, ready to assist us in communing with animals and nature as simply and naturally as we imagine possible.

butterfly_smallerWhat it takes to exercise this skill into fruition is to prepare your telepathic senses and your physical being to be aware of subtle energy, and then discover and feel the many layers of awareness we have as sentient beings and begin to organize those to receive different layers of vibrational information. This can take considerable time for some, and for others the process moves at lightening speed. The key is to go gently, gaining a solid foundation and honoring our own individual process, while always honoring and respecting the animals and nature as our teachers.

What can help you to begin this process of building telepathic muscle?

First is to lighten up - really, I mean it, lighten up ...and laugh. We tend to take ourselves very seriously, particularly when it comes to doing something that will benefit our animals. However we often hinder our own progress and create our own road blocks because we try entirely too hard, and forget to offer ourselves some slack. So, lighten up, and get ready to laugh with yourself and your animals. This is a delicious ingredient in the recipe for animal telepathy. It will help you to come into your heart and learn to feel and understand an animal completely.

Another way to begin a foundation for developing animal communication skills is to create healthy practices in our own lives. Being good to our body and to our spirit is a most loving act, that will reward us over and over again, and we can take care of both at the same time. Very often we take better care of animal family members than we do ourselves, and while this may serve our ego for a time, we will always end up coming up short on the energetic and telepathic end of things.

Another fantastic ingredient in the recipe for living telepathically with animals is to get grounded in our bodies, the home of our spirit and our intuition. Being grounded is basic to connecting telepathically with animals. We require, like all natural things, to have a connection to Mother Earth to function well. She is our source, our life line.

So remember we are in a physical body - take care of it! Simple and easy ways to get and stay grounded are to eat healthy nourishing food, get adequate restful sleep, drink ample water, and move our bodies the way they were intended to move. (Think about it - these are things our animal companions do on their own each and every day. Hey - they are on to something!) These simple healthy practices feed our bodies and our spirit, and are imperative for developing solid telepathic skills with animals.


There are many other amazingly simple things we can do to assist ourselves in recovering our natural telepathic skills. The list goes on and on. Starting with these few easy steps will put you in just the right place to continue the adventure of communicating fully with animals. And the animals will be there with you every step of the way.