Kristin Thompson 9/24/09


with Kristin Thompson

Thursday, September 24, 2009
2 p.m. Eastern Time

Kristin Thompson

In this program you will:

  • Learn simple, easy practices that are good for you and your animals.
  • Receive tools that you can apply right now that will create opening of your animal intuitive senses.
  • Immediately feel the benefits of approaching life in communication with animals.
  • Stop the self defeating dialogue of "I can't do this" and get telepathic with your own animal crew!
  • Empower yourself to reach your dream of living in full communication with animals.
  • Discover easy to apply steps that you can start today whether you are just beginning or already practicing telepathy with animals.

Meet Kristin Thompson

Animal Communicator

Communicate With Animals
Newfane, NY USA


Providing Animal Communication Consultations via phone or in-person; Courses & Teleclasses in Animal Communication ~ basic through advanced levels; Interspecies Life Awareness Coaching.

About Kristin Thompson

Kristin enjoys assisting animals and their people in creating communicative harmony.

She says, "It is a blessing to me to reach the hearts of the humans and animals whom I serve, creating an opening for their understanding of each other to expand, allowing mutual healing to occur, and relationships to move to a new and beautiful level."

As a teacher, Kristin feels, "It is also my joy to teach others to embrace and develop their own Animal Communication abilities through a variety of experiential courses and teleclasses. This work feeds my soul, as the Animals and Nature help us to remember our connection to the Earth and all her inhabitants. Collectively, the animals and nature remind us of how to live life while acknowledging our own "wholeness" as spiritual, emotional, physical and mental beings. They are our very wise teachers, and I am ever so grateful for their many gifts to us all."