Feeding Our Animals – Body and Soul

by Kate Solisti


For those of us who live with cats and/or dogs, we know for certain that they improve the quality of our lives. They open our hearts with their playfulness, sweetness, purrs - all the ways they express unconditional love.

However beyond these obvious qualities lies a deep, spiritual mission. Dogs, cats, and horses have a particular form of Divine Service. These three species have consciously agreed to guide us human beings back to kinship with all beings as well as remind us that we are always loved by Spirit/God/Creator - The All That Is. The human condition is simply our struggle with separation vs. connection. We perceive our separate bodies as different from others. When we use our minds without our hearts, we isolate and disconnect from each other, and from the animals, plants and the planet. This is a limited state of being (and doing) and could be seen as the "source of all evil" on our beautiful planet.

On the other hand, our animals have never lost their connection. Their minds do not dwell in the dualities of either or, good or bad, black and white. They dwell in inter-connectedness , their hearts open and willing to love no matter what. Every day they role-model being fully present in the moment and as a result they flow with life instead of resisting it. What great teachers they are!

So how can we best support and facilitate their soul "work" as well as their bodies? First, let's understand how the dog, cat and express unconditional love and open our hearts.

The dog expresses unconditional love through the qualities of devotion, loyalty, unconditional acceptance. Dogs make us laugh, get us outside playing, teach us to be in this very moment RIGHT NOW! When you recognize your dog cheering you up, making you laugh, loving you with wiggles, licks and smiles, stop and thank her! Be fully present and accept this amazing gift with deep gratitude as if you were in the present of a great master, because indeed you are.

Cats express unconditional love through "detached" love and high healing. Cats use their purrs to heal themselves as well as the people or other animals they love. Cats offer their healing with no attachment, just put it out there or us to take or leave as we wish. Cats are extraordinary healers because they see and move energies so well. Cats told me, "We weren't worshipped in Egypt because we were pretty and good mousers. We were worshipped in Egypt because we have the ability to compliment and augment the healer ‘s healing." Many of you may know cats who insist on being in the treatment room when you treat or are being treated by a therapist. These cats are working with the therapist for greater healing and transformation for all involved. Talk to your cats and tell them how grateful you are for the healing they do for you and for others who come to your home for healing.

Horses teach us about unconditional love through trust. Something truly magical happens when a horse and human surrender to each other in love and trust. This can't happen if we relate to horses by trying to dominate and control them. Many horse-training techniques are based on fear and dominance and severely limit the horse AND rider. On the other hand, training that revolves around respecting a horse, teaching them through mutual fun and pleasure creates a true partnership of equals. From this place ALL things are possible. If you love a horse, learn how to help them blossom into trusting you and you them and just watch what happens!

In order for animals to achieve their missions with the people they love as well as live happy, healthy lives, we must understand their physical needs, starting with the right food and exercise. Dogs are carnivores and carrion feeders. Cats are obligate carnivores. Both dogs and cats need diets based on MEAT - muscle and organ. Dry food is the opposite of what cats are built to eat, period. Cat's bodies are built for hunting and eating birds, rodents, reptiles, eggs and insects. That's' it! The only carbohydrates in their natural diet are in the stomachs of their prey. Cats are built to get all their moisture from their food. They are not designed to drink water like dogs and people are. Dry food causes them to drink water and can ruin their kidneys. So cats should be fed high quality (human grade) canned, cooked or raw meat-based meals.

Dogs can handle a few more carbs and some good dry food. Veggies are a better source of carbs than grains, but again learn to read labels to be sure that whatever you're feeding is real meat and vegetables. Shop in small, local pet food shops where the staff is knowledgeable and can guide you to healthy foods to meet your own animal's needs.

Appreciating your own animal's unique contribution to your life and committing to feeding them the way they were designed to eat will nourish them on so many levels and insure that they will live happily with you for many years.

* * * * * * * * *

Kate is an internationally known author, educator and animal intuitive living in Denver. For information on her private sessions, books and classes visit her website,  http://www.akinshipwithanimals.com  (303)568-9048