Kate Solisti 9/21/09


Helping Animals Achieve Their Spiritual Missions

by Providing a Firm Foundation in Good Nutrition

with Kate Solisti

Monday, September 21, 2009
2 p.m. Eastern Time

Kate Solisti

Dogs, cats, and horses improve the quality of our lives via their unique expressions of unconditional love. How can we best facilitate their soul "work" or mission to help reconnect us to Spirit?

There are three basic steps:

1. Understanding how the cat, dog, and horse express their unconditional love.
2. Acknowledging and cooperating with them.
3. Feeding them in the way Nature designed them to eat.

In this tele-class we will explore the missions, needs and ways we can best support our companion animals best.

By attending this class, you will develop a deeper understanding of the mission of the dog, cat, and horse. You will also learn how best to feed and support their health through the right balance of nutrients and supplements.

Meet Kate Solisti

Animal Communicator, Author, Educator

Kinship Enterprises
Denver/Boulder, CO USA


Providing private sessions, lectures, teleclasses and in-person classes on Animal Communication, nutrition for dogs and cats, Bach Flower remedies for animals; a mentoring/apprenticeship program; books, videos and recordings of teleclasses, and writing articles for publications in the United States and Europe.

About Kate Solisti

Kate Solisti is an internationally known animal communicator, author and educator practicing since 1992. Her 5 books have been published in 7 languages. Kate teaches in the US as well as in Europe and Great Britain.

Kate is a recognized expert in dog and cat nutrition. She teaches classes in person and by teleconference on animal communication, nutrition, flower remedies for animals, and more.

She does private sessions with animals and their guardians by appointment by phone and in person. She also has a successful Apprenticeship Program.

Kate lives with her three magical cats and delights in facilitating the bond between humans and all animals! For more information about her private sessions, tele-classes, books and event, visit http://www.akinshipwithanimals.com .

Interested participants are eligible for a FREE video of Kate's dog nutrition or cat nutrition class (only paying for shipping/handling).