An Animal Soul Speaks

by Jacquelin Smith

As an animal communicator and psychic, I’m able to see, feel, hear, and know what an animal is communicating to me.  Also, being clairvoyant, I can see an animal’s aura and essence.  I teach people in my workshops how to look beyond an animal’s physical form and how to connect heart to heart with the essence of an animal.  The key to hearing our animal companions’ essence is to look beyond the body and to connect with the amazing soul of the being.  The body happens to be a physical form that the soul has created in order to learn and to fulfill a purpose.

Telepathic communication with animals is a natural way of communicating.  It is like a telephone conversation between two people.  The telephone wires are the available lines of consciousness open between us that make the call possible.

Perhaps you remember the films, Men in Black I and II.  They are not so far-fetched as you might think.  In both films there’s a pug named Frank.  We could say his soul was wearing a disguise so that he could accomplish his mission on Earth without attracting a lot of attention.

The following encounter is from my new book, Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals.

While walking through a prairie garden, I spotted a red-tailed hawk perched high on a tree branch about two hundred yards away.  I telepathically sent the hawk love and thanked her for all the gifts that she gives to the Earth.  At that instant, the hawk flew toward me.  She landed in the tree I was standing beneath.  I looked up, she looked directly into my eyes and I heard, “Thank you for appreciating the gifts that I offer.”  With that, the hawk turned and flew across the prairie.  As I watched her in flight, I had the privilege of seeing her bless the prairie with her wonderful life force.

The following is what the hawk had to say in a conversation later on.

Hello.  It’s good to see you today.  Thanks for the exchange of love we shared and for showing me, on the physical level, the power of love and telepathic communication.

You are welcome.  It was a wonderful exchange for me as well.  Many humans admire my physical body, but few actually and actively communicate with me.  This was a pleasure for me.

For me as well.  Why did you decide to fly over to me and look directly into my eyes?

I wanted to show you that I had heard you.  I chose to acknowledge this in a physical way.  This is why I flew to the tree that you were standing beneath.  I wanted you and me to meet eye to eye.  It is a special connection to look into each other’s eyes, correct? (smile).

Thank you for this gift.  I saw you cover the prairie with your beautiful energies of light and love.

I knew you would be able to see my energies.  I wanted you to experience this, once again, with a hawk.

Yes.  Can you say more about how you use your energies and is there an interaction between you and the prairie?

Yes.  This is one aspect of my mission on Earth.  As I took flight over the prairie garden, I filled the entire space between my body and the Earth with seeds of joy, light, and peace.

My wings are used for more than flying.  There is power in my wings and power in my eyes.  I project the energies of joy, light and peace from my eyes to the Earth, to the trees, to the sky.

Thank you.  By the way, what is your origin?

I come from a distant galaxy that is in what you might think of as the twelfth dimension from Earth.  This is the best way for me to describe where my soul first originated, spiritually speaking.

* * * * *

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