Profound Healing

by Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Irene Bras and Kreon

Irene Bras and Kreon

During my childhood I was very confused about my life on this planet. As a result I shut off my feelings at a very young age and focused solely on my mind in an attempt to feel safe, which resulted in often being depressed. I grew up together with a dog who was the only one who could give me solace. As a teenager I came into contact with horses which started to work as a magnet. I had to be with them in order to feel better. Looking back I realize that I had been desperately searching for love, understanding, and safety in my outside world unaware of the fact that the animals showed me I would find love, understanding, and safety within myself. That is where my healing process started, feeling deprived of everything I searched for in the depths of my own heart and soul.

My feelings of loneliness and a lack of understanding of my outside world encouraged my voice within to become more powerful, so I could actually start hearing it in 1999, when this subtle voice encouraged me to go to a course in intuitive communication with animals taught by professional animal communicator Marta Williams. During this course the pain hidden away for years broke loose, which resulted in fear of connecting with my intuition. So after the course I decided never to tap into my intuition again.

One year later Marta Williams returned to The Netherlands and again my inner voice invited me to participate in Marta’s course with the same result: the decision to never do this again! But the inner voice, which grew in strength, continued leading me to Marta the next year, in 2001. This time instead of shutting down again, I gradually started to hunger for regaining my intuitive skills and very slowly I started to open up to myself with the aid of the animal kingdom.

Profound healing starts when there is in inner urge to start looking for what seems to be missing: love, understanding, feeling safe. Next to feeling emotionally incomplete blockages in the physical body ask for entering the inner path of healing.

As a result of my struggle to become reconnected to my feelings and intuition, my healing skills started to resurface. Wisdom from past lifetimes in which I was a healer became accessible again accompanied by the deep inner knowing that in this lifetime I reincarnated as a healer again.

I started working with animals, because with them I felt safe, which enabled me to start practicing again as a healer. A lot of animals started to cross my path with a wide variety of needs inviting me to become very creative where it comes to healing and to start trusting on my inner voice and on the assistance of multidimensional guides/spirits.

I entered the world of healing through bodily consciousness, energy, visualization, fine tuning bodily frequencies, taping into past lifetimes, working with entities and the use of essences from Mother Nature and crystal skulls. In the following paragraphs I will give a short overview of these various forms of healing.

In order to heal bodily consciousness is needed. Memories of pain, trauma, and so on reside in the cells of a physical body and in order to get to the root of a blockage it’s important to raise consciousness in the body and in particular in the spot that is blocked. Consciousness is Light, Light is Love and Love is the most powerful healing tool in the entire cosmos. By sending calm energy to an animal and by touching the animal’s body bodily consciousness can be reawakened.

Visualization is another powerful healing tool. Not only to rebalance the physical body, but also to support the emotional and mental body. One way in which visualization proved to be very powerful is manifesting. In the past my students and I were able to support several shelter cats in finding a loving home. All of these cats had lost hope and didn’t see a way out anymore. By communicating intuitively with them and asking them to visualize and feel the home they longed for those cats were able to start attracting the people who could offer them this loving home.

Ancient philosophers already knew that at an unseen level everything consists of light and sound. The first time I started hearing a bodily frequency was when I gave a healing to one of my dogs. While being connected with his kidneys I started to hear a tone which felt out of balance. By vibrating calm energy and love to this frequency it started to search for its original tone and rhythm. Sometimes one healing is enough, sometimes it’s necessary to repeat the frequency healing several times. It can happen that an organ starts functioning noticeably better after a healing of its frequency, although the results aren’t always so tangible, in which case I have to fully rely on what the animal tells me about the effects.

Picking up on past lifetimes is something that happens quite often to me. An animal might go back in time to experience what caused a certain blockage in his current life. Sharing this lifetime with me can be enough to let go of the trauma, but in a lot of cases more healing is needed. Insight into the deeper meaning of a traumatic experience enables animals to let go of the pain more easily.

An animal can get sick or start showing strange behavior when an entity has attached itself to it. I have worked with several animals who were literally burdened by the presence of an entity. I connect with the entity and work with it, so the entity can let go of the animal and continue his journey. When the entity is gone a process of recovery involving healing helps an animal to reconnect with its own core.

In addition to the healing methods mentioned above I work with flower and other essences in order to help animals on their way of recovery. I also receive assistance from several crystal skulls with strong healing powers. Together with these skulls I started manifesting the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences which support animals and people to reconnect with themselves at a deep level.

Crystal Skull - Divinity Trinity 3

Crystal Skull - Divinity Trinity

People have been abusing animals for a very long time, because of a lack of wisdom and understanding. A growing number of animals is calling out to us, humans, to let us know that they are in dire need of healing. I discovered that this message works both ways. When I give an animal a healing, I automatically receive a healing back: The animal and I share the healing energy. It’s an exchange from which we both equally benefit.

So healing someone, animal and human, turns out to be a continuous journey into the depths of your own heart and soul.