Irene Bras – van Leeuwen 4/20/11


The Sky Is Not the Limit:

Energy Healing with Animals

with Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Irene Bras - van Leeuwen and Kreon

When animals have experienced traumas in this life or in a past life, the effects of the traumas can interfere with their abilities to adjust to new situations or to settle into a new family.  The good news is that the potential for healing from these traumas is enormous.

It is Irene’s experience that healings go in two directions. That’s why she speaks of healing with animals instead of healing for animals.

When Irene gives an animal a healing, she automatically receives a healing back.   The animal and Irene share the healing energy. It’s an exchange from which they both benefit equally.

In this teleclass you will:

  1. Explore the understanding that our body consists of a symphony of frequencies which can be out of balance.
  2. Discover ways to rebalance and fine tune these frequencies.
  3. Learn how the following techniques and tools are effective in freeing an animal from the impact of traumas.
    1. Visualization.
    2. Conscious Breathing.
    3. Working with entities.
    4. Tapping into Past Lifetimes
    5. Flower and other essences.
    6. Crystal skulls as healing mediums.
  4. Learn about "The Oneness Crystal Skull Essences"
  5. Discover how an animal's healing can give their person(s) a clear insight into their own state of being, as well as the animal's.

Meet Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Animal Communicator, Healer, Teacher,

and Crystal Skull Guardian

Country code: 0031   Phone:  10-433-0394
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Irene's services include:

  • Intuitive communication with animals;
  • Intuitive communication with (unborn) baby’s;
  • Coaching for humans (trauma’s, past lifetimes etc.);
  • Healing for animals and humans;
  • Flower essences healings
  • Crystal skull healings
  • Workshops on
    • intuitive communication with animals,
    • animals and healing, and
    • connecting with crystal skulls.

Irene is the creator of:  "The Oneness Crystal Skull Essences."

About Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Irene learned a lot from teaching Dutch to foreigners, mainly people who fled their countries because of economic crisis and/or war.  As a teacher of people whose languages she didn't speak, Irene learned how to communicate profoundly with humans using her intuition instead of spoken language. This training has helped her a great deal in becoming a powerful healer and teacher.

Through this work, Irene also learned about the importance of healing from traumas in order to adjust to new circumstances.  Irene brings this background to her work with animals.

Read Irene's article, "Profound Healing" for additional information about Irene's background.