Irene Bras – van Leeuwen 10/17/12


Animals and the Development of Human Consciousness

with Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(7 p.m. GMT - UK, 8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Irene Bras - van Leeuwen and Kreon

My communication with a mythic creature residing in Mother Earth opened my eyes to the important role the animal kingdom plays in the development of human consciousness. According to this being, the animals guide us to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

Animals represent the high values we estranged ourselves from, such as loyalty, integrity, innocence, and unconditional love. What I learned from being with animals is that they don’t judge. In a world full of judgment, the animals show us how to be without it.

Animals are still consciously connected to the Source and they know we are all one.

In a time in which a growing number of people are awakening, gradually remembering their origin, we are blessed to be surrounded by beings that patiently show us how to live in oneness.

By attending this class, you will:

  • Hear vivid descriptions of communications with extraordinary animals that support people in their process of personal development.
  • Get insight into
    – the specific qualities animals posses to guide people.
    – the wondrous ways in which animals support people.
    – how animals are embedded in the foundation of the New Earth.
    – how the animal kingdom is intertwined with humanity.


Meet Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Animal Communicator, Healer, Teacher, Crystal Skull Guardian,

Developer of the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences


ArchAngelica and Oneness Crystal Skulls

Country code 0031; Phone 75-642-3978
Wormer, Noord Holland, The Netherlands


Irene offers:

  • Intuitive communication sessions with animals.
  • Intuitive communication sessions with (unborn) babies.
  • Coaching for humans (traumas, past lifetimes, and more).
  • Healing for animals and humans, using essences, crystal skulls, and other modalities.
  • Workshops and private tutoring (in person and at a distance) regarding:
    – Intuitive communication with animals.
    – Animal healing.
    – Connecting with crystal skulls and their healing frequencies/vibrations.

 About Irene Bras - van Leeuwen

Irene shares her personal story:

In October 2011, I gave a presentation about the essences at a crystal skull gathering. There I met an extraordinary man. A few weeks later he turned out to be my twin flame. I ended my long term relationship with my previous partner, sold my house, and threw away most of my belongings, ready to start all over again: my life turned upside down in a fortnight. I had been having great difficulty with being on this planet. From the moment I met Erik there was only space, space to heal profoundly.

One of my dogs, Kreon, played a crucial role in this process. He asked me over and over again to tell my previous partner that I loved him. But I couldn’t. I was very confused at that time about the true meaning of love and I didn’t understand what Kreon meant exactly. Surely there had to be love between that man and myself. Why else were we together? I just couldn’t feel it at the moments Kreon addressed me.

Later on, I realized Kreon had been telling me all this time that there was no love between us and that I shouldn’t stay with someone I didn’t really love! Kreon felt that my previous relationship was an enormous burden and he invited me to open up my eyes and see the truth preparing me for the biggest change in my life.

* * * * *