What the Animal Spirits Say

by Georgina Cyr

The animals' Spirits say that all beings' Spirits are made up of Love... but it is not just ‘Love’ but pieces of Love… all put together into a particular form that shapes a particular being.

When a being starts its form... it is made from the one great Love... as it takes form, it opens up to give Love and to receive Love.

The animals we live with say they have come in their forms to help us specifically with individual human Love, to help us to learn about it, to share it, and to give it.

In their forms they have the capability to create us to generate more Love than any other form can, because what they generate is unconditional Love.

They have shorter lives than humans, so that they can generate this depth of Love many times over within a human’s lifetime.

As we share and give our Love to them we help them to grow the Love Spirit larger. They want us to know that it is very important that they gather as much Love as possible to grow the Spirit because the larger the Spirit grows, the more Love they can give and generate within the universe.

They understand their purpose and so value their purpose. They know why they have come to be in a physical body, to help this physical dimension raise its vibration, and of course Love will lift the vibration. They are trying to help us to learn that there is so much more out there than what we see and feel as a physical being.

I think that when they leave their bodies permanently they are trying to help us to learn that their Spirit just goes into a different dimension and a different form. Pieces of their Spirit stay with us and the pieces of our Spirit that we have given to them through Love is raised in a vibration as a gathering of Love energy.

They say that it is so important that we grow, vibrate and manifest Love, which is very important in these times. They are working with each one of us, raising us to the highest level of Love we can possibly share with them. Then they need to leave us, carrying that high concentration of Love that we have held in our hearts for them to the universe as a gift to raise the vibration of Love higher. It is an incredible honor for them to be able to do that, because ultimately, they are doing it for all beings.

As they touch every human Spirit, they give us the Love that they are, and we give them ours. As we do, their Spirit grows larger and larger and as they grow and become stronger in affecting the level of Love in the universe helping to spread that Love to even those who do not have it or know of it.

They are so full of Love that they are able, and we are able, to heal all of the Spirits; to make them whole again; to fill the ones who are empty and without Love.

That is what a Spirit is made up from; pieces of Love shared, given and created.