Homeopathic Aconite – for your Pet

by Donna Lozito


Aconite Flower

This month’s Remedy is Aconite Napellus.

Many of our pets have experienced anxiety or fear at one time or another. Sometimes these deeply held emotions cannot be resolved by a conversation. If you are deeply fearful of something in your life you may well know that if someone tells you not to be afraid, very often you cannot be convinced. Well the same goes for many of our animals who have suffered abuse or have simply had a bad experience in the past causing great uneasiness and fear.

There are a few Homeopathic remedies that can be of help in situations like these. Today I will discuss Aconite Napellus and explain how you can use it for yourself and your pet.

Aconite is one of my favorite remedies and has a variety of uses in acute situations. This is the remedy you would select if you have a dog who is terribly frightened to go to the vet or when your cat has to take a trip and hates the car or a horse that tends to be spooky or is afraid when the farrier comes. You can even use it for yourself when you need to take the edge off in situations where you have anxiety. Oftentimes cases like these require a deeper look to find the underlying source of the problem which would be paramount to removing the fear permanently.

In its crude form Aconite can be very toxic but because Homeopathic remedies are diluted down to the energetic form they can be very used safely without any side effects. You can find this remedy in some natural food stores or you can go to Washington Homepathics at www.homeopathyworks.com and order it online.

For acute situations the potency used would be a 30c. The way I like to administer remedies is by placing 4 pellets into 1 oz. of spring water. Allow the pellets to dissolve and stir the mixture. Sometimes more than one dose is necessary so I usually will tell my client to give ½ teaspoon for 2 or 3 doses then wait. The doses should be at least 6-12 hours apart.

For the animals, if you have a dropper bottle about ½ of dropper or for horses you can put the mixture into a syringe without the needle and give a 5-10cc dose.

It is important to know when dealing with Homeopathic remedies that less always is more.

Unlike allopathic medicine which is used daily the energy of homeopathic remedies will work with the vibration of the animal and resonate so is not required daily and should not be used on a daily basis in most cases.

For more information on Homeopathy and Animal Communication please visit my website at www.whispersofthespirit.net.