Donna Lozito, 8/18/10

Energy, Animal Communication, and Homeopathy

with Donna Lozito

Wednesday,  August 18, 2010
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)

Donna Lozito

Donna Lozito

I describe telepathic animal communication as communication between the heart, mind, and spirit from one being to another. This telepathic process involves the sending of energy (thought forms) to the animal and receiving a reply (in a thought form). In other words, it's simply tuning into the energy by which animals naturally communicate. It is important to note that because telepathy, or the transferring of energy forms from one being to another, is not bound by space, it is not necessary to physically be with the animal when communicating.


Energy is the basis of our Universe and everything that is material begins as energy. Our words are formed by the energy of our thoughts. When we learn to read we relate a picture to a word, i.e. the red apple, we say the word apple but in our mind there is an unconscious visual association to that picture of the apple. The animals pick up the pictures behind our words. They understand what we are thinking, by the energetic association to our words. When we are aware of this process and begin to consciously use the visuals of our thoughts, you will find your pet much more attentive to what you are thinking as opposed to what you are saying. Once we truly can embrace the idea that energy can be channeled we can begin to use this powerful tool.


I began to study Homeopathic Medicine to help the animals as it extended and enriched the life of my beloved horse Sweet Dreams. Homeopathy is a system of energetic medicine which you might say is the balance between science and the soul. Homeopathy views the mind, body and spirit as one inter-connected whole, which is enlivened by the life force or chi, which is energy. When this energy flow is disturbed (dis-ease) it inhibits our Spirit from fulfilling its highest purpose and we become out of balance. Homeopathic remedies seek to stimulate the body's ability to balance itself by giving minute doses (energy) of highly diluted substances from nature. When I work with remedies I am actually working with the energy of the substance trying to identify it with the energy of the dis-ease. Since disease begins in an energy state before it manifests into physical symptoms, I seek to connect with the underlying energy, the source of the presenting problem.

When I work with animals it is critical that I consult with the animal via telepathic communication to determine the main disturbance and the perspective of the animal. When I work with humans I will elicit similar information as with the animals, searching for the underlying energy which drives the being out of balance.

How does this all relate to the Gulf disaster?

At this stage of the disaster we are the only hope for these animals. Together we can send messages to the animals. As I mentioned, because telepathy – (transferring of energy forms from one being to another), is not bound by space, it is not necessary to physically be with the animal when communicating. We can send them the visual of continuing to fly over or swim away from the dark energy that pervades their home.

We can take the Homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana best known for its use in all situations involving shock and trauma and (because it is energy) send it to the animals already rescued and in shock. We can send it to all those suffering from any aspect of this disaster. This goes for the pets and people too because Homeopathy is medicine suitable for everyone. By sending these energies and messages we create a band of light that is necessary to make changes and solutions to this problem. The energy first must be changed before any physical change can take place.

I invite you to join me in this ceremony to help move the energies of darkness and replace them with the energies of the light for together and only by coming together can we can change the world.

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Donna Lozito
Homeopathic Consultant & Animal Communicator
Whispers of the Spirit Homeopathy

Meet Donna Lozito

Homeopathic Consultant and Animal Communicator

Whispers of the Spirit
Prescott, AZ USA


Providing Holistic Consulting for people and their pets, including Animal Communication, Homeopathy, Gemstone Therapy (medicine bags and amulets), and Soul Retrieval or Soul Merging.


Donna is a Holistic Consultant who specializes in Animal Communication and Homeopathic Medicine.  She has worked with the animals for the past 16 years and completed a four-year certificate program at the School of Homeopathy in New York.  In addition, she traveled to India to study with Frederick Schroyens and Farouk Master.  She has also studied with Rajan Sankaran in New York.

Donna's career began when she turned to Animal Communication and Homeopathy in order to find optimum wellness for her horse.  Seeing dramatic changes in him, she began the same journey for herself.

Donna believes that dis-ease is a central disturbance which affects first the mental/emotional and then the organs, no matter what the species.

Her ability to hear the animals has enabled Donna to understand the way in which they experience their world.  She can also detect any physical pain and discover the origin of these blockages.  Simply understanding and respecting the viewpoint of another can be enough to resolve issues and improve communication.

In cases of deeply held emotions or strongly held behavioral problems, a Homeopathic remedy is extremely supportive in bringing the animal back to balance.  At times, Donna incorporates Gemstone Therapy and has found that it is quite effective in the healing process.

Donna's work began with the animals, intending to be the voice they so desperately need.  Inevitably when she works with animals their people welcome the same kind of care and understanding.   Homeopathy is a medicine suitable for everyone.  When there is peace and harmony among us, then we can, indeed, change the world.