Charlotte Szivak 3/17/10

What Is Your Animal Saying to You?

with Charlotte Szivak

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)



Charlotte Szivak and Rhino


Ever wonder what your animal companion is saying more than "I'm hungry" or "I gotta go?"

Learn the art of communicating with your pet with an enlightening introductory teleclass.

Be amazed by some of the hilarious and heart felt adventours Charlotte has embarked on her discoveries while talking with the animals - from a French squirrel asking for directions to horses requesting salsa music to the life saving acts of a beloved cat to the healing abilities innate in each of us activated by your animal companions.

Learn how to practice and use proven exercises to improve your ability to better communicate and heal your pet.


Some of the area's Charlotte will touch on will include:


  • Meditation,
  • Animal behavior issues,
  • Animal psychic awareness,
  • Initiating contact, and
  • Overcoming communication breakdown.

Through this program, you will

  • Discover seeing life through your pets eyes,
  • Learn new ways to communicate
  • Learn how to overcome communication breakdown
  • Expand the heart connection
  • Learn how to elevate your animal healing capabilities

Meet Charlotte Szivak

Animal Communicator, Spiritual Soul Path Intuitive,
Psychic Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healer,
Medical Intuitive, Author, and Soul Singer


Phone: 011-905-297-0452 and 1-877-838-0930
Hamilton, Ontario,  Canada



Multi- Dimensional Holographic Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy; Animal Communication and Healing; Soul Path Intuitive/Psychic Readings; Transformational Counseling; Medical Intuitive; Crystal Therapy/Crystal Skulls; Spiritual Alchemy; Worldwide Workshops/Seminars aboard Cruise Ships; Sacred Site World Tours; Activation and Alignment of the Divine Blueprint; Anchoring of the Ascendant Root Chakra; Sacred Ceremonies; Chancellor; Soul Singer; Munay-ki Rites; Motivational Speaker/Lecturer; Meditation; Spokesperson; House/Space/Real Estate Clearings; Author/Writer.   Telephone sessions available.

About Charlotte Szivak

Charlotte Szivak is an internationally renowned Psychic, Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healer, Spiritual Soul Path Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Soul Singer, and Author.

Charlotte is a modern day mystic who inspires, encourages and empowers others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to Source.   An advisor and guest to several TV show and movies, she is the featured "Expert" on SLICE Network's Hit Series "NEWLY WED, NEARLY DEAD", USA Network's TV Series "WITCHBLADE", a guest on international talk show radio including, most recently, "Colette Baron-Reid's THE BUDDHA LOUNGE," and in print in ELLE and REUTERS.

She is also a published writer in Hawaii's Inspiration Magazine with "HEALING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC MULTI- DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE".  Charlotte has beennNominated for Distinct Women of the Year 2007/08 in Health and Wellness.  She is the founder of TEA FOR TRIUMPH, a breast cancer fundraiser, and is also a spokesperson for the Canadian SPCA.

Charlotte leads transformational workshops, lectures, and heads up the "Awakening Cruises of Enlightenment" Sacred Site Tours world wide. As an actress, Charlotte has appeared in the Hollywood Movies "How to Lose a guy in 10 days", "The Pacifier", and "Hairspray".