Learning to Love . . .


. . . and Be Open to Their Highest Potential

by Carol Schultz


What is it that you truly love about life?  I mean truly love.  Do you love yourself the way you are?  Or perhaps you love and embrace your evolution and who you are becoming.  Are there experiences in your life that you would like to do over again, perhaps with a different approach or behavior?  Life can certainly have many twists and turns, with glorious moments as well as unfulfilled expectations.

Our children serve as our best teachers in many ways along this journey.  In seeking our own truth and balance along our individual spiritual journeys, we become intertwined with our children as soul companions – and our shared journeys are woven together with love, hope, sweetness and expectation.  We often wish for more clarity and support for our children’s spiritual awareness along their way.

Are We There Yet?

Perhaps it is healing to accept and embrace where we are in any given moment.  Acknowledging life as a continuous stream or path of healing can be both transformative and freeing.  Do our expectations for ourselves affect our self acceptance?  Are we actively searching or truly listening to spirit for guidance?  

Do our desires, based on the life lessons we have learned, affect our expectations for our children?  Do they affect our ability to truly accept them?  How can we support our children to truly be who they are, and enjoy a fulfilling life of authentic freedom and connection to source?  

Through our connections with spirit and nature we can foster guidance and insights that we as spiritual seekers are looking for, and provide the foundations, support and partnership with our children.  There is abundant opportunity as adult and child to become two fully satisfied and ever-evolving spirits sharing sacred spiritual journeys.  

Waves on the Ocean

There are so many wonderful aspects to share together as parent and child.  One of the things I have repeatedly learned along the way is that you can’t control Fate or Spirit.  It will come at you like a speeding locomotive when you least expect it, or seemingly fade away when you are waiting around for something big to happen, for that big bolt of lightning to finally hit.   On some days everything may feel uncertain, fragmented, and chaotic.  And then when it feels like you can’t take any more of the turmoil, there is a pause, all is well, and you feel deeply connected on multiple levels. 

It often may seem like waves on the ocean of beingness.  Sometimes the waves are coming in, and other times they are going out.  They are going up one minute, and then down the next.  We may feel like we are being rocked about on a sea of uncertainty, pain and sorrow, and then suddenly we are lifted high to the clouds in ecstasy, and feel a sense of no boundaries and unlimited potential.

So with all of these dynamics, what is it that we are meant to do together as parent and child?  How can we assist our children in navigating this ocean both in the beginning, and then as they go through life?    Do we focus and try to figure things out, or let go and trust? 

Acknowledging and Healing Our Own Roots

At some point in this process along the way for ourselves and our children, it can be deeply healing to come back to our own roots, which we may have been avoiding for many years.  As an “adult” take a journey, and circle back on some level to hometown spirits and physical places that we chose to birth us….those which brought us the gift of life, and helped to form us and become ready for more in the world. 

Acknowledge and remember parents, teachers, mentors, and sages that we had early in life who encouraged us, patiently waited for us so many times, and grew along with us.  Take pause to realize that throughout our lives we are shaped and nurtured by everyone around us.  Then recognize how this directly translates to our roles in the lives of others, including our children. 

It can be considered a distinct honor to be present in each others’ lives physically, however brief.  Each connection becomes transformative on an energetic level as spirits living in a physical body.  Taking time to heal our own roots will benefit both prior and future generations.

Dim the Distractions, and Tune Into Our Hearts

Now what do we do when we have a renewed realization of this bigger picture beyond our day–to-day rushing and living? Maybe life can once again become a more conscious path.  We can decide to put aside cell phones, Blackberrys, text devices, and computers for periods of the day, or week.  Become more deeply linked into the natural world of energetic connection with those around us. 

We can certainly utilize the world and gifts of technology, but you can make conscious decisions to jump off the bandwagon of rushed meetings and experience.  We can once again begin to acknowledge the synchronistic signs and meanings around us in nature, with animals, and fully with our human relationships as well.  If distractions had not been so luring and frequent in this day and age, both for ourselves and for our children, we could have been more deeply enjoying this all along.  “Now” is always a wonderful time to reset patterns, so there is nothing stopping you from doing so.  Your children are waiting, and your hearts and spirits are waiting.

In connecting more deeply, we can each come to a place of peace and knowing.  We each have our own mission, our unique path, and now it is time to wake up and soak in the nurturing and healing aspects of living life.  Calmness achieved inside can then be reflected outside and around us again.  The rushing and challenges of human existence can subside and take a back seat, and we can become more feeling and loving again, both to ourselves and others, including our children.  This is a different form of “rush” to experience, and we can allow it to repeatedly call us back to a more whole state of being. 

What if we were continuously connected like this fully throughout the early beginnings of our physical life here?  What if we never got wrapped up in the judgments and preconceptions, the willpower and ego-plays that have been so common in our lives?  Looking back in a consciously aware state, what would we have done differently?  With this wisdom, what can we as adults do differently to more effectively raise the next generation now among us, and generations coming in the next few days, weeks, months, and years? 

The Turning Point

From an earth healing and evolution standpoint, we have a critical time frame ahead of us.  There is so much to see and do, but not nearly enough time to fully “catch up” on all that has been developing.  Each child now being born is coming in with a new map and new energy.  They have new directions on their compasses that we didn’t have, but that we as adults can enjoy and support, while not fully understanding.  How can we effectively guide this new evolution and generation that has so much to share, and in many ways is so advanced beyond us that we can’t yet fully believe and see?  We are likely going to miss aspects in their development that we don’t even know about yet. 

Along the way, we will need to trust that they hold that inner knowing.  We may not be able to comprehend their capabilities, or where they are going, or when they are going to get there.  Based on our own history, we can’t calculate or predict what may be stumbling blocks or speed bumps for them, as much as we may try.  However we can intend to learn with them along the way, and become explorers ourselves in present time and culture.  We can trust how the universe is unfolding right now in front of us, and be supportive, loving, and more deeply connected.

Role Models of Self Care and Happiness

In letting go of knowing what may unfold with this next generation, and clarifying what is the best way to be supportive, I suspect that the answer will be fluid and not the same one month to the next.  Regardless, I think we can each personally strive to be good role models for our children, which will also bring strength and healing for ourselves.  I can feel and see this in my young daughter’s eyes when I make it there on time to pick her up from school, or I know in my heart that I truly love her more and more each day.  I know I can aim to do the best job today, or tomorrow, or the next day, if I trust in my heart the fact that I’m contributing to her happiness as much as I possibly can, plus I’m consciously in a positive and hope-filled state myself each day. 

This form of self care as adults is such a very important part of our roles as guides for our children.  If we are not experiencing ways to be happy and fulfilled ourselves, including all the small things along the way, it is likely going to be more difficult for our children to continuously experience that as well.  They are looking to us as guides on this path.  In my life, I know that if I’m not taking time and conscious effort to find my own happiness, it is less likely that my daughter is going to easily experience happiness in her own way as well.  The energy field that we share as parent and child is mutually evolving day to day, and we can both tune in and positively affect this for each other.  I love that her heart is so pure and innocent, and has so much to learn and experience. Yet I fully acknowledge that she is continuously teaching me, both energetically and in our day-to-day physical lives.

The Power of Love, Harmony, and Conscious Parenting

We are all spirits in a human body, and it can be difficult to always remember that during parentally challenging times.  However I never wish to forget this, and want my daughter to learn the same early in life so she tunes into this perspective, and is aware and sensitive to how things impact each of us energetically and spiritually. 

Love is the powerful and consistent core for us all.  Operating from the heart, and pausing at times to remember this and make the connection to achieve harmonious outcomes, will hopefully lead to more present time healing.  We have the special opportunity to more consciously avoid the build-up of “baggage” that can be left to the side for recovery later in life, as most of us likely experienced growing up in earlier generations.

Children now have the opportunity to reach beyond what we could ever imagine.  In my own heart and being, I know I don’t want to “mess it up” for her or others along the way.  I desire for her to be everything she possibly can be, and don’t want to qualify or quantify what that means and hold her back, or shift her from her divine path. Creating a safe and open space for her to share and gain insights on her own, without my own judgments, filters, and expectations, is certainly challenging. 

Learning to be in a conscious parenting space, to benefit both, is something I am learning along the way.  Reading all of the parenting books in the world won’t make a difference in a moment of time if one is not tuned into the heart.  It seems that far too often the head and ego come in to dominate and take charge.  However we all have the ability to remain intuitively open to what will be of key help at that parenting moment, and for the shared path ahead.  This is a wonderful gift and blessing. 

A Shared Journey, and Reaching Our Highest Potential

Our true mission and purpose is individual unto ourselves, and not a parent projecting themselves onto and into their child. I am hopeful that as I continue to explore my own path and healing, my daughter will positively do so with hers.  As a parent, it is an honor to be part of our children’s live and divine mission, and we can be hopeful with guidance that they will gain and maintain an appreciation of this facet of the shared journey as well. 

As lightworkers, we all have important spiritual healing work to do.  This includes helping to co-create a positive future for all through supporting the intuitive and heart-centered awareness of our children. 

We can always do our best as parents, grandparents, teachers, or coaches, when “in the moment”, and centered in our hearts.  We can all come up to the plate and strike a home run for our kids, as well as create a “win” for our own inner child.  So many of life’s challenges can melt away when we smile and laugh with our children.  You are encouraged to continuously create special moments by regularly leaving distractions behind, and enjoying a day together of play, spontaneity, relaxation, and inspiration.  Schedule it in! 

As we enjoy ways to explore life as an adventure, your child will see you positively navigating the flow and waves.  If we can be happy ourselves, and we model this, they will sense and be aware that all is well, and more freely create and live in a space of abundance and inspiration.  We can each evolve in our own unique ways by experiencing being together in moments of mutual happiness. Through sharing this blessing, we can each reach our highest potential.