Carol Schlultz 6/16/10

Empowering Children to Create & Keep Their Telepathic Gifts

with Carol Schlutz

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
2 p.m. EDT
(1 p.m. Central, noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)


Carol Schultz


Our human children are one of our many spiritual gifts and treasures in our lives.

As parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches, we desire to actively inspire them in a way that is positive. We seek to help them remain open to the abundance and calling of the Universe, while navigating the mainstream pressures and temptations that surround them daily.

In this teleclass, we will explore ways to

  • support and encourage a journey path of remaining intuitively connected as they navigate childhood,
  • grow and evolve in a nurtured space of conscious living, and
  • become future caretakers of our planet and communities.

By attending this program you will

  • Learn how you choose to navigate life impacts the children in your life
  • Explore how healing yourself and your own roots can positively impact both past and future generations
  • Receive tangible and creative ways to be fully present with the children you have the opportunity to guide
  • Expand your awareness of what the “new kids” are bringing into the world with their presence and evolution of our human potential
  • Consider expanded ways to support children in reaching their highest potential
  • Participate in a heart-centered meditation to unveil unique ways to assist children in your own life


Meet Carol Schultz

Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer

Pekin, IL USA


Providing Long Distance Learning and On-Site Courses in Intuitive Animal Healing Arts and related topics. Animal Spirit Network established in 2006, and provides classes and programs of study in Animal Communication, Shamanic Animal Healing, Animal Reiki, and Holistic Companion Animal Studies. Expanding course topics include Loss & Grief Support, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pendulum and Crystal Healing Techniques, Animal Astrology, Species Behavior, Animal Nutrition, Holistic Business Development, Professional Mastery Studies, and Holistic Wellness for Families. This growing network of 20 instructors offers clear and rewarding learning for lay people, plus thorough programs and courses for professional development.

Private practice animal communication consultations and intuitive healing sessions with Carol Schultz support all concerns, including behavior, performance, health, life changes, end of life, in-spirit, and lost animals. Interspecies Life Awareness CoachingTM further supports healing & transformation for both animals and humans.

About Carol Schultz

Carol has been a professional Animal Communicator since 2000. She founded Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network in 2006, an online community and university, which offers educational classes and certificate programs in holistic animal care and intuitive healing arts.

Carol says, "Re-learning to telepathically communicate with animals as an adult has been an adventure, and truly a continuous healing experience. Having spent my educational background and fast-paced corporate career focused on left-brained activity, success, and performance, moving into the gentler and lighter side of things with the support of the animals has been a form of balance and release for what is to come. Transitioning to work with animals took time and patience, yet also became a completely enriching opportunity to learn so much through the eyes of others, both animals and humans, and discover more about self and Spirit.

"I look forward to what life brings as I continue to incorporate the skills, techniques, and deeply healing scenarios experienced with animals and nature into what is ahead for myself, my family, and my young child.

"With the inspired formation, launch, and growth of Animal Spirit Network (ASN) beginning in 2006, this path with animals has also included a re-embracing and purpose-filled application of the business skills developed so diligently over the years. As a full time animal communicator and mother, I completely respect what it means to strive for a holistic and balanced life, and how challenging that can become at times, and ongoing.

"In this support role of animal communicator and ASN coordinator/director, I am deeply honored to connect with clients, course participants, and their companions, and help facilitate the inspired education, balance, patience, love, and compassion that the animals continuously share on this journey of awakening."