Case Studies from SpiritHealer Qualified Healers

by Carla Meeske


Here are three examples from our extensive case study library on the website.


Jackie, 2.5 year old toy poodle

Date: August 29, 2011
Qualified Healer: Claudia Kroll

Jackie was accidentally let out of the house by a cable guy that entered her home…it frightened her and she ran out and ran away. She was found 2 days later and taken to at shelter where Katie was able to retrieve her. Ever since then she has acted very scared of everything.

Shamanic Healing:
Spirits did a power animal retrieval with 2 power animals; desert tortus and eagle.  Jackie continued to indicate her fears. Next spirits sent me on a soul retrieval with my power animal. Spirit reinfused all soul parts back into Jackie. Spirit requested I talk to Katie, the guardian and offered healing to her. She accepted verbally in OR and my power animal deer brought her to the healing circle. Spirit then sent me to the Crystal Cave for Emerald and Garnet. There I was also given a rose quartz for my pocket. I brought everything back and the emerald and garnet was infused into first Jackie then Katie. I was told to give Katie the rose quarts into her hand to keep, When I took it out of my pocket it was polished smooth and in the shape of a heart. I then witnessed my spirit teacher surround Jackie and Katie with sacred smoke to seal in the healing power.

"I would like to thank Claudia for the healing of Jackie on Monday's Shamanic Animal Clinic. She did a healing on my dog Jackie. Jackie was 11 months old when she ran away. She was gone for 2 days. When she was returned she was a dog that was afraid of almost every thing. Claudia did a healing on Jackie which included giving her her power animals which she can call on when she is fearful. Also, she gave her two stones (emerald & garnet) which she can also use for protection. Jackie is a happier dog now. You can see it in her energy and how she interacts. Thank you to Claudia for the fantastic healing."


Spunky, a dog who passed away at 17 yrs old, and is now in Spirit

Date: August 29, 2011
Qualified Healer:
Kelly Byrnes

What happened:
Our intention was to meet with Spunky in the Sacred client wanted to know if it was the right time for Spunky to pass and see how he's doing. Spunky showed himself very "spunky" like a puppy again, running and playing. I was shown many details about Spunky and his life...he showed me his food bowl, which my client said was still out, and Spunky said that he liked that his bowl was not yet put away. Ruda, my teacher, showed me a wand with a big star at the end of it, when I mentioned this to my client she said that on the day Spunky passed, the family made a wish upon one star for Spunky, this seemed to resonate deeply. The Spirits sent yellow butterflies to the household for continuous healing, even though I sensed there was not a heavy sadness. My client said Spunky's passing was celebrated. The Spirits said Spunky's passing was Divine timing. I also saw the image of 2:22, not sure what this meant. My client was given a white feather, for her own healing, almost like a torch being passed, as my client is a powerful healer, and Spunky wanted her to know this is her path- this was confirmation. Spunky also had a strong connection with her son, whom i was told her son's path is to heal too, this was confirmed. Spunky is doing wonderfully, and was glad to have the opportunity to connect, which my client can do at anytime. The door's always open, and Spunky is happy to assist my client on her own path as a healer!

"Hi Carla,

FIRST of all...Thank You for your invite and all the amazing work you do!!! This was amazing and Kelly was SO great and right on as well as it was SOOOOOOOOOOO helpful to connect with Spunky and see that she is healed and young again like I had told her and imagined her being.  I had been SO struggling with her loss that it was hard to see and think clearly.  I am working to create a life utilizing the healing gifts I have and the life I was meant to helping others and more so in honor of her love, courage, teaching and strength.  PLEASE tell Kelly that I am SO glad she chose me as the messages she gave were done so beautifully.  She is using her gifts so well and helping SO much more than she could imagine and I am grateful for you both and the experience and opportunity.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and healing and blessings to you both!

Melissa, Spunky a new healing dynamo and my son Jason who found her in that little in the middle of no where pet store in Hawaii who have benefited from the messages of tonight.  I always felt that she came to us as a true angel in our time of need.  I only hope and did hear that she was SO VERY LOVED and WILL ALWAYS BE..."


Star, the Husky

Qualified Healer: Barbara Kaufmann

During this journey the dog’s human companion Sandy came with me. We met my teacher at the bottom of a stone staircase where we had to step into a shallow pool of water but it was thick water, the consistency of Mercury that didn’t make us wet. We had to pour this water over ourselves like a baptism in order to enter the complex.

We came to a room with a healing chamber in the shape of a tetrahedron and we were accompanied by Archangel Gabriel. The ascended masters and archangels tend to show up a lot lately- and I find myself (and in this case, the client/s) in the upper world. In this upper world was a healing chamber that I first thought was a pyramid but later saw was a tetrahedron. It had healing lights in rotating colors: white, amethyst, pink and yellow. The interesting thing about a tetrahedron is that it consists of 3 triangles in 3 dimensions in sacred geometry. The dog, Star, became transparent and we could see her heart with 4 chambers with 3 of them empty. Her 3 companions, other canines, had died previously within a very short time of each other. The deaths had left a vacuum in 3 of her 4 heart chambers. We were asked to help full her heart chambers with love- again 3 of us: Sandy, me and Gabriel. Star's body became transparent and we could see her heart change and become bigger and fuller and shinier.

We were asked to also step into the tetrahedron ourselves and were wrapped in some kind of tape that caused a cocoon-like darkness. We waited in silence in the dark for a healing and blessing. Archangel Gabriel wrapped his wings around us and did a blessing.

We then took a walk along a path in the forest in the full moon. A beam of light from the moon was sent down to give the final “polishing” of healing for Star. We walked along the pines and were directed to hug them and to back up against them to absorb their healing energy and then we took the path down to a lake where we all had to bathe and briefly submerge. This water was real and warm and sweet.

I saw Star reading a book at one point during this journey. It startled me because I hadn't thought about animals reading but I suppose it's possible. She was reading "The Book of Knowledge about the Spirit of Animals." I will have to explore this in the akashic records now that its existence has been revealed.

We were in a sweat lodge for a time during the journey and this too was part of the healing. The lodge was not terribly hot but it had a substance that infused the air and we were told to breathe it in—that it was medicine. The sparks rising from the flames were called the souls of the ancestors.

We walked back along the path to the end where there was an outcropping of rock. On the largest rock face was an ancient symbol that we were told to place our hands on. We did, and we were transported back here- meaning out of NOR and back to ordinary reality.

This journey was the first time a client came with me, so I take it to be some kind of graduation to another level of work. It felt very natural to have Sandy and Star with me. As I described what I was seeing, doing and feeling, Sandy was getting similar images in her head. She said Star, in ordinary reality, moved around a lot during the journey. At one point when I relayed that we were walking along a path with Star trailing us, Sandy said Star physically moved behind her body. She also said that Star kept creeping closer and closer to her during the journey. By the time we touched the symbol on the rock, she was lying on her back with her paws and legs up in the air, completely relaxed and snoozing.

* * * * *