Carla Meeske 3/21/12


Stories from the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals

with Carla Meeske

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(7 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Carla Meeske and Tim

Founded by Carla Meeske

In this conversation Carla will explain what Shamanism is, and how it is helpful for animals and their people.

Carla will share stories of the healings performed by her students as they develop their skills in the low cost Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic hosted monthly by SpiritHealer School.

The stories will illustrate the common shamanic healing practices of extraction and transmutation, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval.

If someone in the audience is interested in receiving a quick healing for an animal, Carla will perform a live healing in the same way they are done in the clinic: working with the client to formulate the intention, calling in the spirits, setting the intention, and speaking the information out loud. This will give the audience a live example of a shamanic healing.


Meet Carla Meeske

Founder, SpiritHealer School of Shamanism

Shamanic Healer and Instructor

Glendale, AZ USA


Carla offers:

  • Transformative shamanic healing for people and animals. Loving spirits help relieve physical and emotional problems.
  • Soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, illness extraction, and other classical shamanic healing practices.
  • Complete training in shamanic journeying and healing, with a focus on helping animals. Our year long training program includes deep initiatory experiences and practical development in our unique Healing Clinic.

If your cat, dog, or horse has issues, Carla can provide a one-on-one session to help. Carla herself offers private healing session for animals and people. Her work is profound and can be life changing.

Carla teaches shamanism world wide through distance education and live workshops. Carla's courses are geared toward animal lovers who want to use shamanism to help animals, but the skills you will develop apply to helping people, including helping yourself. You will undergo initiatory experiences that will change your whole way of walking in the world. The beauty of spirit will sparkle around you. Your Spirit Teacher will guide your personal path to wisdom.

SpiritHealer School of Shamanism

SpiritHealer School of Shamanism is a complete shamanic training program offered via teleclasses and webinars.

In a 9 month journey into the world of spirits you will become skilled at helping animals and their people heal physically and emotionally. You will experience rich spiritual transfiguration with each initiation into the shamanic path. Your soul will bloom! When you complete the cases and practical work in our Healing Clinic, you will receive a Certificate of Training from SpiritHealer School of Shamanism.

The Shamanic Healing Clinic

The Shamanic Healing Clinic is SpiritHealer Schools' experiential circle where animals in need can receive shamanic healing from our students and graduates.

In this monthly telephone-circle our Qualified Healers offer their services one-on one for a nominal fee. Working in the supported circle the healing work is very powerful. Come see what shamanism is all about, and get a powerful healing for your animal friend.  For more information and to register:

 Why Shamanism?

Often spiritual healing is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows true healing to rapidly progress.

Shamanic Spiritual Healing is ancient medicine practiced by indigenous people world wide. Entering “non-ordinary” reality, a shaman requests help from spirits who love us and who want us be healed and whole.

Shamanism is complementary to modern medicine and therapy. It can accelerate other therapies’ effectiveness, removing impediments and facilitating rapid healing.

Using the Shamanic Journey, we can form simple and clear channels of communication with living and deceased animals. The Journey involves crossing between the worlds to connect with compassionate spirits.

We first connect with our Compassionate Spirit Guide, and then we connect with the spirit of the animal we wish to talk with. It is simple and very effective. The beauty of it is that the Compassionate Spirits we work with can offer so much added value - they augment and clarify the information we receive, they can identify the spiritual aspects to any troubles, and they can offer healing to the animal's traumas, physical and emotional. Shamanic work is all about results!

About Carla Meeske

Carla has been offering Shamanism and animal communication for clients across the globe since 1998. She is a recognized author, teacher and healer with a reputation for integrity and commitment to her clients.

She began her Shamanic studies in the mid 1980s, and graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 Year Advanced Training in 2001. She teaches Shamanic Healing through Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network and the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism.

Carla's publications include:

• "The Calico Shaman: True Tales of Animal Communication"; Coccora Press 2005.
• "Speak to My Heart" : Carla Person's Step by Step Method for Shamanic Animal Communication (DVD); Cocorra Press 2003.
"Shamanic Animal Communication"; Shamanism, Vol 16 No.1 2003.
• "Shamanism for Animal"s; Sacred Hoop Magazine, Spring 2000.

Carla's work has been described in" Teaching Your Horse to Overcome Fears" by Laura Harrison McBride; Story Publishing 2001.

Carla has presented at these major conferences:

• "Animal Crossings Mini-Workshop": Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference 2006.
• "Shamanic Healing for Animals": International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing Conference 2004.

About the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals

In this monthly Clinic you can have spiritual healing done for your animal by a Qualified Shamanic Healer.

The Healers are SpiritHealer School students who are gaining practical experience in a supported clinic setting. They connect with your animal and perform strong, loving shamanic healing.

Get the help you need for your animal and discover how powerful Shamanism is while helping our students develop their craft. Come join us!

  • Request any kind of shamanic healing for your animal.
  • Some animals will have one-on-one healing.
  • Some will be in the group Healing Ceremony led by Carla. All will be helped.
  • Everyone can witness shamanic healing in action.

The clinic meets once a month using a telephone conference line and our computers (computer is optional).  We begin in a full circle, and then split into groups: healers paired with clients for one-on-one sessions, and a larger circle for group healing. When the pairs are finished they return to the main circle and share what happened so we can all learn. Then we conclude with a power send off!

Everyone is welcome. If you are new to shamanism this is great way to listen and learn.  There is a $20 participation fee for everyone except our qualified healers. You will learn so much about shamanism, and you will be part of the collective power of the healing circle.

See for details and registration.