Billie Dean 6/15/11


Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature, and the Fae

with Billie Dean

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
7-8 p.m., Eastern Time
(6 p.m. Central, 5 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Pacific)
(1 a.m. CET - Europe; 1 p.m. Hawaii)
(9 a.m. on June 16, Canberra time in Australia)


Billie Dean and Tusuque

The animals, trees, stones, and the fae all have urgent messages for humankind as we go deeper and deeper into the eye of the 2012 storm, and ride that 2012 wave to shore.

The current time can be challenging but with the wisdom of the other non-human tribes with whom we share this planet with, we can ascend with grace, joy, and heart.

Through her many animal clients, the animals in her sanctuary, and the sacred land she lives on, Billie has much to share about how we can become peace and co-create a magical world together with laughter, and true harmony among the different species.



Meet Billie Dean

Innate Interspecies Telepath, Animal Shaman,

Author, and Filmmaker.


Wild Pure Heart Productions
Country code 61;  Phone 2-4842-2819
Braidwood, New South Wales (NSW), Australia



My main service today is as a teacher and advocate for animals and the holistic care of them. I also do this through writing and films.

I rarely offer my services as an international animal communication consultant and healer having done this for a long time. Instead I mentor apprentices and teach what I call the New Shamanism which is ancient wisdom combined with the new transmissions I am receiving from the animals, the fae and the natural world.

My desire is to create social change and make the world a better place for our animal brothers and sisters.

About Billie Dean

My vision and mission is to see true freedom and deep peace for all species. My books Secret Animal Business and Heart-Centered Kinship are stories and a path to the harmonious life the animals want us to have with them.

I grew up remembering the Universal Silent Language and because of this sensitivity my childhood, in a "normal" family, was lonely and painful -- I always felt the pain in the trees, shrubs and animals around me. I trained in journalism, film, acting and comedy, before Spirit intervened and suggest I "speak with other people's animals". For me that work was not a business, but rather an apprenticeship to a mission to free all animals so they truly can live in peace, without fear or suffering.

I am a vegan and follow a path of compassion. This extends to creating a forever home for animals in need and at any one time our small family personally supports and cares for 30 horses who run free in herds, around 8 dogs and a wide range of other assorted animals from goats and sheep to alpacas and geese. All are treated holistically with alternative modalities.

My goal is also to have more For Life Sanctuaries around the world, run by graduates of my mystery school Rainbow Fianna which trains people in animal shamanism and to be the human angels we are evolving into.

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