Billie Dean 2/14/12 – Note special date and time!


Surviving the Changes:  Forward to Basics for the New Era

with Billie Dean

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

7 p.m., Eastern Time
(6 p.m. Central, 5 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Pacific)
(midnight GMT - UK, 1 a.m. CET - Europe; 1 p.m. Hawaii)
(11 a.m. on February 15, Canberra time in Australia)

For some time now the animals, trees and fae have been urging Billie Dean to become more self sufficient.

With the intense astrology, solar flare activity and social changes that mark 2012 as a year of transformation, there is a strong possibility that the life we are currently living may change.

And, it might have a few bumpy and crunchy patches on the way to change.

The changes that we make in our inner and outer worlds will determine the world we will inhabit when the dust settles in 2013.

This is exciting, because it is a wonderful opportunity to move out of old ruts and into a whole new realm of possibility.

In this talk, Billie Dean will discuss:

  • the visions she has been given for people to prepare themselves in the event of changes.
  • how this preparation will create the new era of peace.
  • the new currencies, new thoughts and new directions, and
  • how we can all work together to make a kinder, more compassionate world – for all species.

Meet Billie Dean

Innate Interspecies Telepath, Animal Shaman,

Author, and Filmmaker.


Wild Pure Heart Productions
Country code 61;  Phone 2-4842-2819
Braidwood, New South Wales (NSW), Australia


Billie's main service today is as a creative artist who writes books and makes films and teaches in a very bardic way.  She offers uplifting inspirational work to help people find new understandings, and sacred connections and communions with animals, nature and the fae.  She also has some fun projects coming up.  So hopping on the newsletter list on is a really good idea.

Billie also offers a growing resource for social change through her website, with links and e-books, and books on animal telepathy, animal behaviour, animal wellness, vegan living, diet and nutrition, holistic health care for animals, and animals making their transition.

Billie teaches Animal Shamanism through her on-line school Rainbow Fianna, which includes telepathy in a way of walking in the world that is respectful and compassionate, helping students understand the world of energy the animals inhabit.  Graduates of her school become professional animal communicators.

About Billie Dean

Billie's vision and mission is to see true freedom and deep peace for all species.  Part of her action for this is to write and make films helping people expand their perspective of animals, and inspiring social change through awareness and understanding.

She also teaches people how to be human angels for animals through her school Rainbow Fianna.  This is an international on-line school so anyone can join the community.

Billie is a natural shamanic telepath, having grown up as an “ultra-sensitive”, understanding the silent language of animals and nature and speaking with spirits, animals, trees, stones, and the fae.

Because she felt the pain in the trees, shrubs and animals around her, Billie became an advocate for change at a young age!  She trained in journalism, film, acting and comedy, before Spirit intervened and suggest she “speaks with other people’s animals”. She did that for 30 years!  For her that work was not a business, but rather an apprenticeship to a mission to free all animals so they truly can live in peace, without fear or suffering.

Billie lives a spiritual and vegan lifestyle, following a path of compassion.  This extends to creating a forever home for animals in need and at any one time her small family personally supports and cares for any number of rescued animals on her country property.  Last year she rescued a truckload of wild horses headed for slaughter and that took her number of rescued horses to over 40—and counting ( pregnant mares were among the herd!!)

Last year she founded "The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organization" and the "Deep Peace Movement", to contribute further to the social change wave in animal welfare, through the arts, education and compassionate action.

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