Betty Lewis 9/28/09


We Can't Poison Our Way to Good Health

with Betty Lewis

Monday, September 28, 2009
2 p.m. Eastern Time

Betty Lewis

For most of us, living cleanly in this toxic world is not possible, but that is still the goal. Feeding ourselves and our animals on junk foods and toxic water, using carcinogenic cleaning products, and ingesting and injecting toxins cannot possibly have the desired result of living a vibrant, active life, while extinguishing quickly & painlessly after a long and productive life.

This talk will introduce you to a new paradigm of health and some beginning steps towards achieving that goal.

Benefits for people attending my talk:

1. You will learn what health is and what it isn't, and to distinguish between health and a lack of symptoms.

2. You will learn about building a healthy immune system for your animals and, by extension, yourselves.

3. You will be introduced to ways to avoid what people call "genetic" diseases.

Meet Betty Lewis

Animal Communicator, Wholistic Consultant

Amherst, NH, USA


Wholistic Consultations; Talking with Animals; Energy Healing including Therapeutic Touch (TT), Tellington Touch (TTEAM), Reiki: Flower Essences (Bach & ABFE); nutritional help & referrals. Author of Animals Speak! (call 888-280-7715 to get a copy.

About Betty Lewis, RVT, Dr. AN

Betty has been raising, training, breeding, and showing Great Danes since 1970 and Whippets since 1996. She began talking telepathically with animals in 1977, and is now an internationally known Animal Communicator and Wholistic Animal Consultant.

Betty opened her telephone consulting business in 1987 after retiring from working in veterinary hospitals. Her veterinary clinical and private experience has shown her that taking the time to telepathically communicate with animals enriches our association with them and helps us all to live harmoniously. Additionally, she uses several energy healing modalities including Therapeutic Touch, EFT, Reiki, TTEAM, Flower Essences and refers people to a number of wholistic professionals, especially in the areas of homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic. Also, she tries to find products, such as Juice Plus+, which will help people and animals while being responsible to our planet, and shares them where appropriate.