Whose Life Is It Anyway?

by Betty Lewis

Energy runs the Universe and takes an infinite variety of forms. From rocks to plants to animals and humans, we are instruments in an orchestra, squares in a quilt, letters in a crossword puzzle: all parts of a whole. Our forms are different, but underneath, we are all the same. We are all energy, each of us on a mission for a time, before becoming "something else."

Each of us chooses what that "something else" will be, and we each create a scenario which will allow us to learn and teach and experience. Some life choices seem very simple, like the life led by bacteria, for example. We think of our own lives as quite complex, but each choice has its own purpose for being. We make the most of our lives and then get to choose again.

It is also true that we live in a world where each of is is a predator and each serves as nourishment for another. Without this system, there would be no possibility of balance on Earth. Each capsule of energy which we call Spirit or Soul makes a decision concerning the form it will take in each lifetime. According to the animals who have led me through these thoughts, it is true of all, which naturally makes it true of the animals that humans use for food.

As fellow inhabitants of the earth, we have obligations to the plants and animals we consume. These obligations boil down to "treat with respect and gratitude" all of our food sources while allowing them the freedom to have chosen to *be* our food. These animals have willingly entrusted themselves to our care in order to fulfill their life missions. We cannot deny them their right to their chosen paths, but do have the obligation to treat them with appreciation and respect.

The question isn't "should animals and humans eat others" but to understand that whatever life form we eat should be acknowledged.

I do my best to consume animals and plants who have been raised humanely and I thank them with the following:

'I honor and thank all the plants and animals who have sacrificed themselves for my nourishment and ask that our vibrations be aligned for the highest good."

And, with that, we must allow them to make their own choices and follow their own life paths.

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