Nature’s Spiritual Recycling Plan


by Anita Curtis


It is always heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. They have trusted us and loved us unconditionally, and we feel the same about them. No matter how it happens, parting with our companion is devastating.

Our pets know that they can reincarnate and return to us in this lifetime, and they are not concerned about leaving their bodies for a short time, going to a place of healing, and then returning to those they love.

One of my favorite experiences as an animal communicator is to share the joy of the pet and his person when they reunite. I have been told stories of how some of the dogs enter the home, go straight to the old toy box, and dig out an old favorite toy. One person was searching for her returning Dalmatian. She picked a puppy from the litter, but didn't feel right when she held it, so she called me to ask if she had the right puppy. The answer was "No, I am the puppy with the red ribbon". She picked that puppy up and he put his little paws around her neck and licked the tip of her nose. There was no doubt that she had the right one this time.

All the grief and devastation that person had felt when her dog died disappeared and was replaced with joy. When we go through the process of losing our pet we don't believe we can ever feel joy again. However, when they return to us our hearts fill with such happiness that there is no room for the pain.

Some animals return to us as "walk ins." This was a fascinating concept to me when I first heard about it. The returning pet finds an animal who is either not happy in this lifetime, such as an abused animal, or does not have a person who he is supposed to be with. The two animals agree to make an exchange and the soul, or energy of the returning pet takes the body of the other animal, who then goes to the Other Side to continue his journey through the lifetimes. If your pet comes back as a walk in it is possible that both animals were alive at the same time. This happens quite often with horses. Most people want a horse they can ride. If we get a newborn foal it will take years until it can be ridden. A walk in speeds up the process.

The theory of walk ins was mind-boggling to me when I first heard about it However, I have heard more and more about it from the animals and no longer doubt it. At one time I looked "walk ins" up on the Internet, not expecting to find a word about them. Imagine my surprise when I found page after page of information.

Nature has a wonderful recycling plan. It is the return of the pets we love so that we can continue to be with them and share the love and joy they bring.