Anita Curtis 9/30/09


with Anita Curtis

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
2 p.m. Eastern Time

Anita Curtis

By learning about animals' perspectives on reincarnation, you may

  • Have a feeling of peace, knowing that you can be with your animals again in this lifetime.
  • Realize that your pets are not lost to you forever -- you will be together again in this life and others.
  • Discover that reincarnation explains an instant bond with a new animal in our life.
  • Come to know that mistakes from previous lives can be corrected.
  • Discover that unfinished business can be finished.Feels soooo good when you recognize each other again.

Meet Anita Curtis

Animal Communicator

Gilbertsville, PA USA


Providing help for people who train animals for shows, racing, endurance riding, dog sledding competitions, service animals, and any other field. I have many veterinarians who call me for input or confirmations of their diagnoses. (I am not a veterinarian and do not diagnose or prescribe, only identify the pain and its location) Many of my clients simply want to know the wants and needs of their beloved pets.

About Anita Curtis

Anita has been involved with animals more than 65 years. Her family always had dogs, and at the age of seven she started riding horses for pleasure, then showing. She also served as a 4H leader at a later time.

Anita has had the ability to communicate with animals since childhood. Through training with Jeri Ryan, Ph.D, and advanced training with Penelope Smith, she developed her animal communication skills to a higher degree.

Anita has appeared on radio and television, and is a Reiki Master.