Amy Ruegg 7/18/12


How Animals' Past Lives Inform the Present

with Amy Ruegg

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
2-3 p.m., Eastern Time
(1 p.m. Central, 12 noon Mountain, 11 a.m. Pacific)
(8 p.m. CET - Europe; 8 a.m. Hawaii)

Amy Ruegg

In this class, Amy will recount personal examples of how past-life information about animals is a key element in her work as an Animal Communicator.  Past-life information can lead to a successful understanding of a situation.  It can also assist in resolving and healing situations with animals.

Amy will explore the differences and similarities between animals and people with regard to spiritual development, soul-groups, spiritual goals and agreements.

She will talk about the reincarnation cycle, the past-life aura, and the genetic entity of each living being which holds the energetic blue-print for creating the physical body.

Amy will explain how she aids people and their animals to become more open and intuitive with their own situations…to better understand their relationships with each other and our animal friends.  Amy says, "If your intuition speaks to you…even if it seems crazy, there is an excellent chance you are on the right track!  Believe in your own inner voice."

By attending this class, you will:

  • Come into alignment with spiritual truths.
  • Develop greater awareness of the eternal life of the spirit of all living things.
  • Gain an appreciation for the connectivity of our eternal journey from one life on to the next.
  • Begin to ponder the miracle of the cycle of birth-life-death-afterlife-rebirth for both humans and their animal family members.
  • Have new insights into life, relationships, experiences, pain, challenges, unusual behavior, deep inner feelings/longings, dreams, health/wellness, nutritional anomalies, and life goals from the wise perspective of past-life connections and origins for themselves and their human/animal families.
  • Gain insight into the potential for clearing Karma and past-life trauma, for resetting your agreements and goals for the present life-time, and for gather what is important from past-life experience that will enable you to release what you no longer need.
  • Learn about the physical and subtle bodies and the genetic entity of living beings and about the role they play in healing and wellness.
  • Empower yourself to create the harmonious, peaceful, joyful, and balanced life experience you want for yourself and your human and animal families in a present-time energetic vibration.


Meet Amy Ruegg

Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant Healer,

Intuitive Guide, and Spirit Talker.


Sebastopol, CA, USA


Amy offers:

  • Animal Communication sessions—finding out what the animals want to communicate/ telling them what we want to say to them.
  • Spirit Talk Sessions—communicating across the threshold with animals or people who’ve passed on.
  • Spiritual Healing/ Energy Healing—helping resolve issues of health, nutrition, behavior, relationships, past-life retrieval/resolution, grief, and other issues.
  • Horse Wisdom sessions—one on one or group session with your horse or mine.   Working with Natural Horsemanship helps you to regain your authentic self, be present in your body while  unleashing your creative flow.  Leadership/partnership issues are also addressed.

About Amy Ruegg

Born into a long line of intuitive women, Amy grew up playing with Nature spirits and seeing spirit-guides and angels.  Presently, she relishes moments when, with her gift of clairvoyance, she can assist both humans and animals to discover their answers, experience healing, and align themselves with their true spirit-path.

Amy has been communicating with spirit her whole life which took a dramatic turn more than 20 years ago when, within three years time, both her mother and her husband/true love died from cancer.   These losses reacquainted Amy with her clairvoyance, with visitation by spirit, and with bearing witness to angels welcoming Amy's husband into the afterlife.

Since that time, Amy has continued her spiritual quest.   As a mother of three, an avid horsewoman and animal lover, as a healer and a teacher.  After graduating from a two-year intensive clairvoyant training program offered through Berkeley Psychic Institute, Amy became a professional reader, spiritual adviser, animal communicator, and energy healer.  She works with spirit guides, angels and the Supreme Being to bring clarity, awareness, harmony and healing to her clients.

Amy says, "All things are energy and we are the master-creators of our lives."  Amy loves to assist her clients to help find truth and to heal.  Her communication is clear, direct, and honest.

Amy's intuitive communication, spiritual healing, and spiritual counseling sessions and workshops demonstrate both her focused clarity and her broad range of intuitive talents. Though her breadth of life experience (i.e., obtaining a master’s degree in life sciences, mothering three beautiful daughters, more than ten years teaching at a college level through kindergarten and Waldorf teacher, and practicing Natural Horsemanship and Equine Experiential Learning, and her years of psychic training with Berkeley Psychic Institute) Amy synthesizes an evolving awareness of matter, energy and spirit.  She now works as a Co-Director of Berkeley Psychic Institute as a professional clairvoyant and as a workshop facilitator.

Amy especially loves communicating telepathically with animals, loved ones (animal or human) who have passed on to the spiritual world, Divine Beings, Spirit Guides, Nature and Elemental Beings.  She sometimes enlists their help with spiritual healing sessions.  Amy brings a clarity, purity, depth and honesty to her psychic communication and healing space. This is her calling, and she feels blessed to have merged her spiritual path with her journey on our beautiful Mother-Earth.