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Improve Your Telepathic Communication

This is one of the most popular topics at Animal Communicator Forum.  On this page are programs which offer many techniques and guidelines for learning how to improve your telepathic skills with animals.

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Nedda Wittels, April 6, 2013, "Animal Communication: Soul to Soul"
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Pea Horsley, November 21, 2012, "Animal Communication: Develop Your Ability with Practice"
Read about Pea Horsley and this program.

Read Pea's Blog Post, "Animal Communication: Develop Your Ability with Practice"


Nedda Wittels, May 16, 2012, "Animal Communication: Learning to Listen"
Read about Nedda Wittels and this program.

Read Nedda's Article, "How Good a Listener Are You?"


Nedda Wittels, October 8, 2011 - "6 Common Blocks to Learning Animal Communication and How to Overcome Them."


Nedda Wittels, January 3, 2010, "Overcoming Obstacles to Learning Animal Communication"


Charlotte Szivak, March 17, 2010, "What Are Your Animals Saying to You?"
Read about Charlotte Szivak and this program.

Read Charlotte's article, "The Language of Animals . . . Language of the Heart"


Carol Schultz, June 16, 2010, "Empowering Children to Create and Keep Their Telepathic Gifts"
Read about Carol Schultz and this program.

Read Carol's article, "Learning to Love ... and Be Open to Their Highest Potential"


Nancy Windheart, July 21, 2010, "Animal Communication for Shelter and Rescue Workers"
Read about Nancy Windheart and this program.

Read Nancy's article, "The Spiritual Lives of Animals"


Penelope Jensen, October 20, 2010, "The Divine Triangle: Unconditional Love, Source, and Animal Communication"
Read about Penny Jensen and this program.

Read Penelope's article, "Streaker: A "Divine Triangle" Story"


Morgine Jurdan, December 15, 2010, "Celebrating Your Animal Friends."
Read about Morgine Jurdan and this program.

Read Morgine's article, "Celebrate the Little Things"


Kristin Thompson, September 2009, "Ten Tools for Living in Communication With Animals"
Read about Kristin Thompson and this program.

 Kim Ogden-Avrutik, September 2009, "If You Have Questions About Animals . . . Ask the Animals Themselves."
Read about Dr. Kim and this program.

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