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Animals in Nature

Listen to programs about animals in zoos, in nature preserves, and in the wild.  Hear messages from a variety of species, including whales, dolphins, lions, and others.  Explore the predator-prey relationship.

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Anna Breytenbach, December 19, 2012, "Wild Wisdom: Engaging With Our Wild Nature"
Read about Anna Breytenbach and this program.
[embedit snippet="2012-12-19-annabreytenbach_in-the-wild"]
Read Anna's Article, "African Elephants"

Kim Shotola, October 19, 2011- "Tales from the Wild Side - Talking with Zoo Animals."
Read about Kim Shotola and this program.
[embedit snippet="2011-10-19-kimshotola_in-the-wild"]
Read Kim's article, "Let the Animals Teach You"


Pea Horsley, May 18, 2011, "Heart to Heart with Wild Animals"
Read about Pea Horsley and this program.
[embedit snippet="2011-05-18-peahorsley_in-the-wild"]
Read Pea's article, "Going Heart to Heart with Wild and Endangered Animals"


Betty Lewis, Feb. 17, 2010, "I am You: The Predator-Prey Relationship"
Read about Betty Lewis and this program.
[embedit snippet="02-17-2010-bettylewis_in-the-wild"]
Read Betty's article, "Whose Life Is It Anyway?"


Asia Voight, November 17, 2010, "Pure-Flow Dolphin Communication"
Read about Asia Voight and this program.
[embedit snippet="11-17-2010-asiavoight_in-the-wild"]


Teresa Wagner, September, 2009, "Wisdom From the Whales: A Brief Sampling From 21 Years of Conversations"
Read about Teresa Wagner and this program.
[embedit snippet="teresawagner09-16-2009_in-the-wild"]
Read Teresa's article, "The Whale's Lesson: Helping Those Who Suffer"

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