Deathing, Grieving, & Reincarnation

The End of Life Isn't the End of Life

It's been said that "nobody dies."  The soul and spirit continue, for animals as well as for humans.  We do experience loss, however, and more often than we realize, someone we know from the soul plane comes back into our lives in the physical world to be with us again.

On this page are programs about the process of dying (called deathing, which is the other side of the coin from birthing), grieving for the ones who have departed and for ourselves left behind, and reincarnation.

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Georgina Cyr, July 20, 2011, "Animal Journeys:  End of Life and Beyond"
Read about Georgina Cyr and this program.
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Read Georgina's article, "What the Animal Spirits Say"


Teresa Wagner, April 12, 2010, "Legacies of Love:  Finding the Grace in Grief"
Read about Teresa Wagner and this program.
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Read Teresa's article, "Exploring Myths About Healing Grief"


Paloma Baertschi-Herrera, November 2009, "Animals and the Final Journey"
Read about Paloma Baertschi-Herrera and this program.
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Read Paloma's article, "The 5 Biggest Mistakes When an Animal Is Approaching the Final Journey and How to Avoid Them."


Anita Curtis, September 2009, "Reincarnation:  The Universe's Recycling Plan"
Read about Anita Curtis and this program.
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